House Maintenance Schedule

Item to be checked


3 months

6 months


Roof: Visually check shingles from ground. Watch for missing shingles or broken pieces. Check gutters and downspouts.    

Gutters and downspouts: Check and remove any debris to assure unobstructed water flow away from foundation.    

Veneer or siding: With brick, watch for deteriorating bricks or masonry. For siding, watch for warping or rot. Check all painted surfaces.    

Windows and doors: Check caulking around doors and windows, glazing around window panes.    

Lawn and garden: Watch for accumulation of tree limbs, branches, debris that can attract wood eating insects.  

Asphalt Driveways: Check for cracks or deterioration. Reseal if necessary.    

Heating and cooling: Make sure outside unit is unobstructed. Clean unit with garden hose.  


Item to be checked


 Every 3 months

 Every 6 months


Attic: Examine for evidence of any leaks  

Baths: Check for evidence of any leaks, especially around toilets and under sinks (vinyl tile will usually discolor if water is getting underneath it). Check grout on any ceramic tile.

Kitchen: Check for leaks under sink and around dishwasher. Check burner operation on stove. Check grout on any ceramic tile.

Kitchen: Clean dust from refrigerator condenser (rear of unit).  

Heating and Cooling System: Change filter, check coils for buildup

Heating and Cooling System: Professional check and "tune up" before the heating and cooling seasons.    

Water Heater: Check for signs of leaks.

Water Heater: Drain to remove any sediment. In areas with hard water, drain every 3 months.    

Smoke Detectors: Check operation

Smoke Detectors: Change batteries    


Basement or crawl space: Check for cracks or any sign of dampness or leaks. Check for any evidence of termites or wood eating insects.