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13 Best Relationship Questions and Answers Website in 2020

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What do you do when you have key questions for a relationship but can’t approach a relationship therapist for a consultation? 

What if asking the people around you is not an option?

Well, the internet provides many answers, if only you know where to look! 

There always will come a time when we need a listening ear to give us credible and unbiased words of wisdom. In the digital age, this knowledge that we seek can come from a relationship question and answers website. This is because the Internet brings people from different backgrounds to interact with each other about things that actually matter. 

Check out these 13 websites that give you a platform to ask and get answers for relationship-related questions.

ProProfs Discuss 

ProProfs Discuss is one of the popular relationship questions and answers website. Here’s why:

  • Signing up is absolutely free 
  • You can start getting feedback on your questions almost instantly 
  • Receive email alerts each time you get your questions answered
  • You can also contribute to the related questions of other members on the platform

What’s more, it can also help you get massive traffic back to your website because of the diversity of forums that exist there. 

Counseling via internet
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A team of licensed therapists, as well as social workers and clinical psychologists, have come together to create an online therapy service that professionally supports individuals at affordable rates. 

Should you ever require help for your relationship but cannot sign up for face to face therapy due to your schedule, you can get help with BetterHelp. Just like traditional therapy, you will be getting credible advice from mental health experts who are keen to answer your questions.


Many people see Reddit as a platform that puts up lots of unwholesome content, but rest assured that this platform has a forum that is packed with well-meaning contributors that want to help you get the best out of your relationship. 

The subreddit of Relationship Advice is a great place for someone who may not necessarily be seeking the help of a renowned professional. It may just be about talking to a few people who may have experienced what you are currently going through. Their perspective and advice can help you find solutions for your relationship questions and answers. It is common knowledge that not every person can qualify as a relationship professional. Still, you can benefit a lot by talking with a large community of people that actually care.

Counseling session
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Ask April 

This platform is hosted by a relationship expert known as April Mansini. Every sort of question from relationships and dating to sex is accommodated on the platform. You will also find a forum that is warm and where you can connect with like-minded people seeking answers. 

Love Is Respect 

Love Is Respect is championed by the National Domestic Violence Hotline and is an information, texting, and phone service that is focused on the youth. This platform aims to help stop abusive relationships. Parents and caregivers can also hop on to this platform to find answers.


This Q&A website is totally free and has almost the same style as Reddit. You can post short key questions for relationships and find answers from members. Answers which are considered helpful receive lots of upvotes by readers. This helps you to easily identify the best answer that suits your question.


This platform may not be as popular as the others on this list but is very active. You are allowed to talk about any problems you face in a relationship or even questions that pertain to your private life.

Gay Forum Relationship Advice 

This platform is mainly for the community, referred to as LGBTQ. People of such orientation may not get the best advice if they visit heterosexual forums or make use of other types of services. This is the reason why GayForum can be of great help.

The LGBTQ community has special needs when it comes to relationships, and such a forum helps to provide them with personalized relationship advice that can help solve real problems.

Carolyn Hax in The Washington Post 

If you are looking for an advice-giver that has deep insight, look no further than Carolyn Hax. Not only is she funny, but she can help you deal with your relationship problems and interpersonal issues.

Dear Prudence

This is an advice column hosted on the Slate magazine.  The editors attend to all questions that have to do with relationships at home, work, and beyond. You can also get on a live chat weekly with the editors.

Savage Love 

Sex and relationships are complex.  You have Dan Savage giving all the very best of advice on this relationship questions and answers website.

Getting advice
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Ask Amy 

From family to love life, feel free to ask Amy Dickinson and get satisfied with your relationship questions and answers. You can also hop onto the site or locate her through lots of leading newspapers.


Answerology is also similar to Reddit. This platform allows you to get answers for your relationship questions by interacting with other members in an engaging way. It is totally free, and you can talk about virtually anything that has to do with relationships.

Remember those times when you have pressing questions but do not want to share them with anyone close to you? 

You would prefer to talk to a total stranger or someone who has more experience when it comes to the field of relationships. A relationship questions and answers websites like ProProfs Discuss, BetterHelp, Quora, or others mentioned here can help you get satisfying answers without receiving that weird but inquisitive look. Use the resources provided above to find one that actually caters to your needs. You will find both Pros and beginners willing to interact with you.

Author Bio: Samuel Alfie is a blogger at ProProfs Discuss, the #1 Q&A website with millions of wisdom seekers collaborating to ask questions and get the best answers. He loves reading and writing about a variety of topics, including technology, business e-commerce, science, philosophy, pop culture, digital media, health, relationship, and more. With a knack for writing, enthusiasm for research, and an editorial mindset, he loves creating content that resonates with the audience.