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3 Things to Consider When Creating Your Destination Wedding Invitations

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When you’re planning your destination wedding, the first thing you should think about is making sure your loved ones are there with you on your big day. Your destination wedding invitations are what let your family and friends know that they should start planning their travels. Wedding invitations are more important when you’re planning a destination wedding because you need your family and friends to know correct dates so that they can plan months in advance to be there to help you celebrate. Your wedding invitation needs to emphasize the place and time so that none of your loved ones make incorrect travel arrangements. This invitation is crucial to your guests because they will need it to book flights for the correct dates, plan time off of work, and schedule stays at hotels near your wedding venue.

The words are the most important part of your invitations. Your guests need to be able to get certain information, such as location and dates from your wedding invitation, so it’s important to remember that your invitations should revolve around the crucial information that your guests need.

Here are a few things to consider when designing your wedding invitation:



After the information itself, choosing a font for your invitations is one of the most important aspects you need to consider, especially when you’re planning a destination wedding. You want a simple font that is easily readable so that your invited guests can read the dates and information correctly. Depending on some fonts, three’s can look like eight’s and seven’s can look like one’s, so you’ll need to pick a font that anyone can read. You may think bolding the font will make it stand out, but in some cases this can just blur letters and numbers even more. Show samples of different fonts you like to your friends and family and ask them what information they’re reading on them so you can get an idea of whether the font you might choose will work for everyone. You may think elegant cursive lettering is beautiful, but you don’t want your friends and family scheduling their travels for the wrong dates because your font confused them.


Whether you have a theme for your wedding or not, the colors on your wedding invitations will grab your guests attention so that they remember to clear their schedule and book that flight ahead of time. A popular wedding invitation theme is black font on a light background. That’s because, as mentioned before, the most important part of the invitation is the words themselves. The opposite is also popular. White font on a black background makes the font and words stand out. Making those words pop should be your priority since they’re the whole reason you’re sending the invite in the first place.

We all know that black font on a dark background can be difficult to read, but using too many colors might also blur the words. It’s best to keep your wedding invitations to 2-3 colors around the information itself; location and dates are where you want to keep colors simple.



This is where you can add a little bit of personality to your wedding invitations that reflect your future marriage. For example, if you’re a couple whose lives revolve around their pets, you can add images of your pets to the invitation. Images are best placed around the border and toward the outer edges of the invitation. This is because it adds a personal touch while not distracting from the words on the invite. Flowers are a popular design element in many wedding invitations because they add beauty and style, but can be placed away from the words and still keep the design of the invitation itself simple.

As long as your invitation is still readable, you can add whatever you like. Keeping your wedding invitation simple but elegant is the best way to enhance the font so that the most important information is imprinted into your guests minds.

Bonus Tip: Do Your Research

One of the best ways to determine the best look for your destination wedding invitations is to do your research and look at various samples. You can pick and choose fonts, imagery, and themes from different invitations you’ve seen and use them as a template, adding your personal style to help you create your perfect wedding invitation.

Your wedding invitations will not only let guests know they’re invited, but guests will continue to utilize them throughout their entire process of coming to your wedding. They’ll have them next to them when they book their flight and show it to their boss for time off. They’ll also bring the invitation itself to the destination so that they can make sure they’re arriving at the right venue. Remember to think about the information first and design the invitations from there so that you can rest-assured that your guests will be there with you on your big day.

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