3 Ways to Fix Up Your Bathroom 

 August 26, 2020

By  Scott Teesdale

Our bathrooms are the first rooms we go to in the morning and often the last place we visit before we go to bed. They’re more than just a toilet, tub, and a sink- they’re capable of changing our moods. Don’t let your mood sour as it would in a public gas station bathroom- you can make the room of your dreams.  Here are three simple ways to fix up your bathroom to give it that something special that it is lacking. 

Deep Clean

Clean bathroom
Image ritae by Pixabay

As clean as we like to think our bathrooms are, there’s always a little grime. Take a couple of hours, or a whole afternoon if you need it, and deep clean your bathroom. Wash the grout, any corners or floorboards, clean your mirrors and wash water stains off any metal. Work from the higher surfaces of the room down until you’ve cleaned the floor.  

A deep-cleaned bathroom can leave the room feeling brand new, despite not making any changes. This step can also make the following changes more manageable, and ensure that your bathroom will look fresh.

Change Out Knobs and Poles

This step is a small change that can make a huge difference. Change out the details of your bathroom to make them suit you better. You could change to glass floral knobs, or copper accents, just make sure that all of your changes go well with each other. You can push this idea further by redoing the decor as a whole. Think about what aesthetic you want your bathroom to have. Is it light and delicate? A fisherman’s retreat? Farmhouse? If you have a loose idea of what you want but aren’t sure about the details, you can use sites like Pinterest to help inspire you. Show off your style with bath mats, towels, art on the walls, and even tissues you pick.

Fresh Paint and Tiles


This idea may seem simple, but there’s nothing that a fresh coat of paint can’t accomplish. Pick a color that you find soothing, and coat your walls with it. It’s essential to get a type of paint for bathrooms that can handle high moisture levels. Keep that in mind while purchasing.

Paint works in the same way that deep cleaning does. It makes your bathroom feel like a fresh canvas, ready to be decorated; however, you see fit. There’s also the bonus perk that a brighter paint can light up your room better and make your bathroom seem larger.

Most modern bathrooms have tiles that also go up the wall to some amount. While refreshing your paint, don’t let your flooring go untouched.  Dirty grout, outdated styles, and cracked tiles can push a bathroom back by twenty years and make it look like you don’t take any pride in it.

Although it is just a bathroom, there’s no problem with doing what you can to make it a room you’ll want to show off. Your home deserves the love, care, and time you can put in to make it somewhere you’ll be excited to see every day. So follow these tips to fix up your bathroom and make it a room you will be proud of.

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