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4 Secrets of Smart Buyers To Save More Money On Monthly Expenses

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It is nothing new for you when you are told to spend wisely and ensure savings for a better future or for the periods of hard times when things are not in your control. This might not be any new advice and most people hear it every now and then but the sad part is that most of them are miserable at managing their routine expenses and fail to achieve the desired goals they set for themselves. It may look like poor management to some which it obviously is, but there are certain factors which unknowingly drag a person towards mismanagement without even recognizing the things that make them stumble and shove away the money which they could have easily saved.

One does not succeed to save money because it is much more than just planning. These plans are often negated and nullified by the shopping behaviour and tendencies of the person when shopping. This is more vulnerable in case of households in particular because there are too many things that can be bought for any ordinary household and it is actually useful too but the fact remains why to buy those things at first place. So if you too struggle to keep your monthly expenditures under the expected threshhold, then here are 4 smart ways which smart shoppers use to keep their budget according to the plans.

Be a Smart Buyer –There’s a difference in ‘Want’ and ‘Need’

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To become a smart buyer, you got to make the distinction between what you want and what you actually require at that point of time. Smart Buyers must know this difference in order to stick with the need of the hour rather than the pleasure of buying what your heart wants to grab. The needs are simply those items which are essential requirements for sustainence while the ‘wants’ or ‘wishes’ are mostly about show-off, likeliness, obsession or luxury which do not necessarily impact the daily life as such or gives any substantial solution for routine problems.

The needs are basic ammenities of living such as food, shelter, water, clothes, transportation and health to be specific. Rest other things may not be the ultimate prerequisite of survival. The things we ‘want’ are often delusional thought based on temptation. You can simply understand it by the example of a car. You can go for any ordinary four wheeler or choose a sports car, ultimately they would serve the same purpose. Even though the difference between cost of two cars is magnanimous still you can’t deny the dact that it is does not provide anything more purposeful for all the additional chunk of money it consumes.

Strengthen Your Mental Restraint – Less Can be better at times

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The general tendency of a buyer is to go for the best without compromising on the cost ought to be paid for the same. The attitude is basically born out of this generic perception that whatever product has a higher price must be the better one. This is one of the most misleading notion which businesses prey on for sales. It is rather shocking to see people buying an expensive product over its cheaper alternate without comparing the two based on one’s own requirements.

If the cheaper product is going to serve the purpose and does not have any significant difference in features, then it is just illogical for any smart buyer to go for the expensive purchase. At the end of the day, if the required purpose is being served and the quality also fares reasonable points, then you shall have no reason to choose the expensive option over the cheaper one.

Boost your Purchase Value – Avail Deals and Discounts

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As a smart buyer, one must not go for shopping without a proper research about every fine details on the shopping place. These days, it is quite simplified for the consumers as they can find all kinds of deals and discount coupons on a syndicated page with Verified Coupon Codes where a wide range of deals, discount coupons, promo codes and exclusive offers are available for a number of major countries of Asia such as Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, India,Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam and United Kingdom. These websites can save hefty sums on your shopping bills to cut down your expenditure remarkably.

There are a number of other ways to ensure that whatever amount you spend, you are getting the most value for it. Then, one should also not skip the loyalty points and rewards systems that are available on the credit and debit card these days. These small things actually make up for a much larger contribution in the future shopping expenditures.

Don’t fall for the Attractive – All that Glitters is not Gold


One of the most ridiculous traps used by the brands is marketing gimmick. These gimmicks are well-planned and executed to give a certain kind of heightened sense of a product and its benefits. These clever ploys are most often devised to lure customers by presenting a very attractive and life-changing claims.

To the horror, many average and well-educated people also get hypnotized by the artificial aura set up by the brands. There is an old saying, “All that Glitters is not Gold” and it fits perfectly on these kind of hyped products. To avoid any such  trap, the best way is to avoid buying any such over the top product at the first time. Move on and seek more information about it through a variety of sources, check out a few reviews and see the real face value of the product hidden behind the glittery mask.