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5 Best Money Savers While Saving Up

Money Savers
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Does the image from above speak to you? You aren’t the only one for sure, so don’t worry. It is the situation of many people worldwide. Of course, we all know how important it is to make savings for rainy days. The sources of income are more often than not utterly unreliable, and it is difficult to predict the future. However, we know this theoretically, but the practice is different. No matter how much we try, there is always something that causes our plans to change. For example, you see a cool smartphone on sales and think about how yours is crying for replacement. Or you found a jacket that you have to have.  Some people like to go to the casino as well.

Here is the thing you can’t start saving money until you set your mind on actually doing it. Having the desire to do it, but if you ask for money savers, they will tell you that you need to sort out your priorities first. For example, if you decide that your future financial security is more important than having a newer version of Android, then you are ready to start the money savers project. 

If you feel that you are determined to start this money-saving endeavor than take a look at some of the tips that we prepared for you. Even if you aren’t ready just yet, feel free to take a peak; maybe you will get inspired. You can find out more about money management here.

Money Savers

Okay, so let’s see what exactly is money savers. It is a website that believes it or not aims at providing people with tips on how to save money. The founders of this page understood that a lot of people around the globe are seriously struggling to put even just a few dollars per month aside. Therefore they decided to create a platform called money saving expert, where it is possible to find useful advice on how to make savings.

1. Plan Your Family Budget

family budget
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Regardless of how small or big your income, arrange a meeting with members of your family to discuss how you will organize your budget. Believe it or not, research has shown that families who have lower income but manage to set aside some savings each month have a brighter future compared to those with middle income without savings. When you are discussing this topic with extreme money savers, they say that cutting all the things you can is the best way to start.  You can, for example, cut all the monthly subscriptions for magazines and so on. Also if you are not big on watching TV cancel the cable subscription. You will not miss out on anything because it is possible to watch all of your favorite series online anyways. To get some more ideas, you can look for family money savers.

2. Make Your Own Piggy Bank

We understand that this may sound ridiculous to you, but the truth is it works.  Of course, it doesn’t have to be in the shape of a pig. You can find or make a place where you will set money aside and forget about it.  It is also essential if you follow the money saver expert advice to save for something concrete instead of just saving. It turns out that when you are just putting money aside without having in mind some particular aim, it is way easier to spend this money on something else. Say that you want to travel around Asia in 2 years and you create a fund for this trip then you know what purpose it has. This way, it is easier to suppress the desire to spend it elsewhere. Also, one example of homemade money savers is the system with envelopes. Some people use containers to put money planned for different purposes.  It functions this way. You, for example, like to buy clothes every month. So you put the clothes money in one envelope and when you use everything from that one you cannot take or even borrow from another container to buy clothes.

3. Save the Change

There are a lot of people that coins are irrelevant, and they never keep them. But if you try to change your mindset and start saving this little change money you get in the shop, you will be shocked pretty quickly. Let’s say that you have a plan to create an emergency fund of about $500. Believe it or not, if you are adding just 50 cents each day for a year, you will have almost half of your desired amount.  It is also an excellent student money saver’s idea. Keeping the change from your pocket money can enable you to have a vibrant library, or go on a trip with your friends before you know it. 

4. Save on Entertainment

When you are listening to people who are good with money or reading the tips on the money savers website threads, you notice that people make cuts on things you wouldn’t imagine. For example, you can download PDF versions for most of the books instead of buying them. Also, many libraries have the option that you can read ebooks even if you can’t download them free of charge.

It doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy watching your favorite movies on the biggest screen unless you pay usually overpriced tickets. Call the local movie theater because they often offer different discounts. 

Additionally, you can join the pitch money savers club because there you will often find different things you might like at a discount. 

5. Banks

Maybe you didn’t know it but when you are taking money from ATMs of banks other than yours they charge you extra fees.  According to national money savers reviews, these fees can sometimes be high. Therefore it is much better to use only ATMs of your bank. 

Another important thing is to try and reduce your credit card debt. We tend to be relaxed with credit cards and spend what we don’t have. Even if it can be okay on one hand because the salary covers the debt, we should try to reduce the amount of debt. If we owe a lot of money to the bank each month, then it’s challenging to start saving.  

The next one is funny, but trust us, people saw that it works and in our opinion, it is one of the best money savers tips. If you find it hard to control your credit card spending, then freeze the card. You heard it right. We don’t mean to go to the bank and ask them to freeze your allowed minus or something like that. We suggest that you should put the card in a bag with water and put it in the freezer. Then if you want to use it, you will think twice before deciding whether you need to buy what you had in mind. 

bank card at pocket
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Here we are at the end of our journey filled with useful money saving pieces of advice. We hope that these 5 financial habits of money savers enabled you to understand how do savers make money and inspired you to think about how to do it. If you would like to share with us some ideas about saving money or problems you are dealing with feel free to write to us.

We are looking forward to hearing from you. 

Bio: Kevin Unif is a financial consultant from Austin, Texas. Over the past ten years, he is giving pro bono advice to people on how to save money and organize their budget.