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5 Ways To Promote A Business For Under $10

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The ability to effectively promote a business is an essential part of being a successful entrepreneur, but business advertising could be costly. To begin growing a business, discover opportunities to advertise for a low rate and build a customer base, which could then pay for more upscale advertising.

Business advertising could be affordable if an entrepreneur is willing to be creative. For example, by writing their own ads or building their own website, business owners could avert paying for a copywriter or a web designer – leading to less advertising costs.

By utilizing tools that are available for businesses for a low rate, entrepreneurs could see major rewards with minimal overhead. In doing so, businesses drive traffic to their business and begin building their brand.

To begin the quest of entrepreneurial marketing, observe these five ways to promote a business for under $10. At times, the most effective ways to promote a brand will be through the simplest and most affordable opportunities.

Business Cards

Business Cards

Digital marketing experts say that business cards are a supplement to online marketing efforts because they drive traffic by displaying links to social media handles, email addresses, and websites. Business cards have been a business promoting tool since the beginning of technology. There is a clear-cut reason why business cards have been around for so long – they work.

Also, let’s be real, business cards make us feel professional, and feeling professional boosts an entrepreneur’s mood, motivation, and productivity. If a business is stuck getting started, ordering custom business cards is always a great go-to to kick things off. With a business card, business people could feel confident when they approach others, knowing that they have their information on hand. Business cards are a great way to start off a business.

Trade Marketplace Subscription

Exchanging a trade for work has been popular with websites like Upwork and Fiverr, and it’s one of the best ways to promote a business. By utilizing trade-driven marketplaces, a business could locate work needed to be done, make their pitches, and land a client. There is a crowdsourcing market out there for every business to benefit from.

However, these websites put a limit on how many bids a business can make to customers, but for a low flat-fee, businesses could gain full access to these websites to make numerous bids and land potential clients. Trade marketplaces are highly cost-effective, and the subscription could pay for itself after it leads to clients. Most of these sites offer free trials to allow users to test the market before making a subscription purchase.

Facebook Ads

People may think that Facebook ads could be pricey, but it actually costs about $10 to reach from 110 to 1,100 people in a selected area. Marketers could also select an audience to target by filtering through interests, life events, and more. It’s a fun tool to use to find a working formula to find customers who need to see the business.

This could only be effective with an exceptional advertisement. Entrepreneurs could learn how to write their own advertisements by watching copywriting videos and sidestep paying for a marketing expert. In return, they could create their own Facebook ads. The effectiveness of Facebook ads was proven through the e-commerce business trend when drop-shippers used Facebook ads to make thousands of dollars.

Buy A Domain

The greatest anchor for most businesses has been a website, which is the central foundation of all marketing efforts. Websites used to cost thousands of dollars for businesses to set up, but with today’s software, entrepreneurs could make their own website for free through websites like Wix or WordPress. By designing their own website, businesses can evade the cost of hiring a web developer.

The only cost that entrepreneurs would encounter for their website would be buying a domain name and getting a reliable hosting provider. However, domain names are relatively cheap at about $10 for a year and hosing could range anywhere from $5-$9 a month, and if they host on a website that allows designing, they could essentially create their own website with their own dot-com name for a very low cost.

Open a Shopify Store

Any business could use a shopping cart on their website, which is essentially what Shopify offers. The shopping cart opens the opportunity for consumers to buy products or services at any time. According to statistics, more and more people are shopping online every day, and the internet has essentially become the biggest marketplace in the world. This is where an entrepreneur should look to make their mark.

Although Shopify costs $30 a month, it offers a “lite” plan which costs $9 a month, but users must open a Facebook store to link to their Shopify store in order to make sales. The addition of an online store will greatly benefit a business.

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