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7 Tips for Online Grocery Shopping

Online Shopping
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These days, online shopping is more popular than ever. With their jam-packed daily schedules, people are always on the lookout for solutions that will make day-to-day tasks easier and more convenient. As if to further underscore the relevance of e-commerce in today’s society, companies that focus on grocery home delivery are also gaining ground. Now, people are not only shopping for clothes and gadgets online. They’re also getting their produce, pantry staples, and home supplies with the help of the internet.

If you’re new to online grocery shopping and home delivery, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Be Safe

No matter what you do online, it’s best to protect yourself. Do your research and choose a reputable online supermarket. More importantly, make sure that your chosen grocer has a secure payment platform if you’re going to use a credit card to make your purchases.

Prepare a Shopping List

Shopping List
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Even if you’re shopping online, it’s still a good idea to have a shopping list. In fact, a grocery shopping list is even more important when you’re shopping online since it’s easy to get carried away when you’re just clicking the “add to cart” button. Having a list will help you stick to your budget as well. Besides, you went online shopping for groceries to save time. Having a list to guide you will process that much faster.

Check the Delivery Fees

Different online supermarkets have different delivery fees. Some might offer free delivery services for groceries purchased up to a certain minimum amount; otherwise, you have to pay for a minimal delivery charge. Meanwhile, other online grocers might offer unlimited free delivery for a set amount of time when you pay a subscription fee. Consider how often you do your groceries and how much you buy, then schedule your grocery shopping accordingly to save on these fees.

Check the Delivery Schedule

Concerning delivery fees, you should also check an online supermarket’s delivery schedule. Some will offer same-day delivery, while others might have a next-day-delivery service. There are also time windows to choose from so that you can ensure that you’re home to receive your groceries when they arrive. This is particularly important if you’re paying for your purchases on a cash on delivery basis. 

Take Advantage of Coupons

Shopping Coupons
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To encourage customers to use their services more, many online supermarkets offer coupons and other promotions. For example, first-time customers might be able to avail of a free delivery or a 20% discount on their total order. Make sure to check these kinds of offers to maximize your savings. A good tip to remember is to buy non-perishables in bulk when they go on sale, especially things like shampoos, dish detergent, and other items that have a long shelf life.

Stick to One Store

Another thing that can help you get more value when online grocery shopping? Staying loyal to one store. Many grocery home delivery services have loyalty and rewards programs, giving their customers gifts, discounts, and other special offers. 

Don’t Put Off Shopping for Later

Online grocery shopping might be convenient, but you really shouldn’t leave things off at the last minute. Remember: not all online supermarkets offer same-day delivery. What’s more, it’s highly likely that there are high-traffic days for delivery, so you might not get the schedule you want. Ideally, you should order your groceries for about two to three days in advance. This way, the online supermarket has enough time to prepare your order. If you really need some items urgently, consider going to grocery stores for those specific items only while you shop online for the rest of your needs.

It might take some getting used to, but grocery home delivery is really just like any other kind of online shopping. And with the time and money you save through online grocery shopping, you can focus your attention on other things like self-care and having more quality time with your family.