9 Totally Feasible Ways to Organize Your Entire Home 

 March 12, 2020

By Scott Teesdale  

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The majority of us are guilty of the disorganized state of our home. Clothes, both washed and dirty, keep piling up on chairs, things that keep getting lost, clutter everywhere, and dirt that stays in the corners for ages. Isn’t this is what our home usually looks like? And then we blame our small dwellings for the mess.  This article will help you organize your home one step at a time.

According to the National Association of Productivity and Organizing, Eighty percent of the clutter in homes is an outcome of disorganization, not lack of space.

A messy home can never give you calming vibes. Not only is it disorganized, but it is highly overwhelming as well, which is the primary cause of stress. On top of this, it tarnishes your image in front of your guests. A home is supposed to do the opposite of all this, no? 

The organization is more about the functionality of a space rather than how beautiful it looks. Whenever the word “organization” comes up, we feel it as a draining, burdensome task. Consider looking at a more straightforward perspective, such as breaking the big job into smaller, easy to achieve targets.

Divide each difficulty into as many parts as is feasible and necessary to resolve it.

~Rene Descartes

If you follow some of the convenient ways we are about to tell, you can easily transform your home and keep it in order without much hassle. 

1. Take a tour around the house with a spying eye

A very simple way to keep your house in order is to walk around it, looking for things that are lying where they do not belong. You can buy a rolling cart from Amazon for this purpose. 

The cart will make it easier to pick the stuff up and keep them back in their respective places. Dedicate the lower drawer for trash that you pick along the way and empty it in the trash can in the end.

The odds are that by the time you are done with your little round trip, most of your house will be organized as you will find many tips on how to organize everything in your home.

2. Train your brain to clean as you go

Organizing my home was on top of my new year resolution list this year. When I started, I felt that making a habit of cleaning was harder than the cleaning itself. I used to go crazy somedays and cleaned my entire home in a day like a fanatic, and then ignore it for many days. I suddenly realized that I have to do it with a consistent approach and start cleaning as I go and organize as well.

Instead of piling up the dishes in the sink, it is better to wash them immediately after use. The same goes for washing clothes, which should be folded and put away as soon as they are dry. If you do laundry every day, it will be much more comfortable as the clothes will be less and it won’t take much time to put them away.

Anything that you take out for use should be back in its place so that you don’t have to waste time finding it every time. (this especially goes for tools such as scissors and screwdrivers)

3. Schedule deep cleaning days, one room at a time

Vacuum cleaner

For the ones who love less housework (which means I am addressing everyone right now), I have a reassuring statistic to share. As per the National Soap and Detergent Association, getting rid of excess clutter would eliminate 40% of housework in an average home.

How is that possible? The answer is simple, strategically cleaning your home. Decluttering and deep cleaning is an entire process that begins by taking out all the things and throwing away what you don’t need. After that, dusting, vacuuming, and sweeping is done. Finally, you can clean the items and put them back in place. Regularly cleaning this way will not only keep your home spotless, but you will also achieve an improved air quality free of allergens. 

As this is a long and tiresome job, it’s better to do it one room at a time. I never suggest people do the whole house in one go as deep cleaning is recommended once a week; it is better to focus on one room a day. Decide which room you should go for today while following tip number one daily.

4. The impact of practical furniture on home organization

There is no such thing as having more than enough storage space. The more you have it, the easier it is to stay organized. When you are buying furniture, one thing that you should look for is whether it has built-in storage so you can organize your small stuff. Smart furniture makes your life a lot easier as there is always extra storage space, and that too very accessible.

Visit a furniture showroom to have an idea of some fabulous furniture pieces with lots of storage. A few examples are a media wall with efficient storage, ottomans, and beds with drawers underneath to hide things away from sight. 

5. Bathroom organization

Organize bathroom

Having an organized bathroom will look luxurious and make your mornings a lot less hectic. Several things need to be kept in our bathroom. And as everybody doesn’t have large, roomy bathrooms, it’s tricky to keep it maintained. Therefore, try ideas that will make all the things easily accessible and neatly organized.

A shelving unit above the toilet is a great way to make use of that space and keep essentials. Also, bathroom cabinets become much more functional by adding tension rods, mason jars, and adhesive hooks inside. One more thing that can make your sink area clutter-free is a tiered basket to keep beauty essentials.

6. Your closet: the one thing you should always put in order

National Association for Productivity and Organizing found that we wear 20 percent of the clothes we own 80 percent of the time. The rest hangs there, just in case. This certainly means our closet needs our constant attention, and we should keep only items that we need and use. 

When you go minimalistic on clothes, it will have an evident impact on your housework as you will have to wash and fold lesser laundry.

Also, what you decide to keep should be sorted in labeled storage baskets, so that everything is visible and easy to organize.

7. How do you organize heaps of paperwork?

Dedicate a day to organize all the papers in your house. From newspapers to bills, paper keep piling up, claiming precious space that could be used in better ways. You will be stunned by how much of the paper in your home is useless. The documents, valuable memos, necessary receipts, and bills, should be kept in separate files and then in a drawer.

8. Catchy, multipurpose storage trays/baskets

Baskets to organize

All those beautiful trays, baskets, and caddies that you see on Pinterest prove to be a blessing for keeping easily losable items. The Daily Mail says that phones, keys, sunglasses, and paperwork are the most commonly misplaced items in homes. (Though I would add Tupperware lids in my personal lost and never found list)

You can keep these trays near your entrance for keys, licenses, and sunglasses. Or, you can keep them in different rooms for specific items like jewelry and clothing accessories. Even in the kitchen, they are useful as you can keep small tools, cutlery, and other things in them for easy access.  

9. Counsel family members on the importance of letting go

Look around your house, and you will find numerous things that you want to get rid of, but their owners seem to be quite attached to them. It’s your job to make them realize how necessary it is to let go of things that are now useless so that one can embrace new ones.

Discuss with them the outcomes of decluttering, and how it brings positive vibes with itself. Chances are, you will be able to convince them and throw that deformed showpiece finally!

Parting Thoughts

Simplify your life by keeping your space organized. Its benefits are so many, but getting positive energy and peaceful vibes from your home tops them all. 

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