About Us

Scott Teesdale

Hi, I’m Scott Teesdale and I started Our Family Place because I found myself buying a home with no prior education or experience. As most Millennials do in this situation, I immediately hit the internet to learn more. Unfortunately, I found it abound with misinformation, inaccuracies, and inadequacies.

I needed more detailed instruction geared toward people in my age group. Through trial and error, I navigated the homebuying and mortgage process on my own (with lots of help from my wife!) and eventually successfully landed on my feet with my first home purchase!

My goal is simple: Write to help other Millennials navigate the complex world of mortgages & financing, and home buying & selling.

Looking back at how difficult it was to accumulate this knowledge, I realized my home buying journey was way too complex and arduous. Much more than it needed to be! I wish there was a place online to save others like me time and money when trying to buy their first home. Thus, I made it my goal to spread information to other Millennials about the information I learned along my way. This led me to acquire and build out OurFamilyPlace.com in an effort to help educate other Millennials who are in the same position that I was in.

I went through the struggle of buying a home without specific information available to me and now I write about what I’ve learned so you don’t have to do the same.