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Best Coffee Shops for Online Traders

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One of the perks of being an online trader – or a freelancer – is having the ability to work from anywhere. In Swindon, where there are plenty of great places to visit, that is a huge perk indeed. You can choose to work near Lydiard Park or visit Queens Park for a relaxing work environment and gorgeous views.

You also have plenty of coffee shops to choose from, many of which offer amenities designed specifically for traders and freelancers, such as plenty of electrical sockets and a fast Wi-Fi network. If you are thinking about finding one near you, here are some of the recommended coffee shops to try.

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Triple Two Coffee

Triple Two Coffee is the first coffee shop on our list. It is a place known for its superb coffee, great light bites, and delicious dishes. It has comfortable seating and fast Wi-Fi, so you know you’ll feel comfortable browsing through the best forex brokers on InvestinGoal and opening your first trading account while drinking coffee here.

Triple Two Coffee is also good for business meetings and small get-togethers. If you are interested in learning how to trade forex or other financial instruments, you can spend time reading the guides and reviews on InvestinGoal while meeting a few fellow traders here.

Triple Two is located near the Brunel Shopping Centre, so it is easy to reach. It may not have the majestic view of Lydiard Park, but you will certainly love the atmosphere. Besides, logging in to your MetaTrader console and executing fast trades is easier when you have good coffee to help you crunch the numbers.

The Cricklade Club

The Cricklade Club is more a club than a coffee shop, but the outdoor seating area is too good to miss; we just have to include this place on our list. It serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks, plus it opens until late at night. If you are stuck watching the market move, you know you don’t have to worry about closing your laptop and moving venues.

It is also a place to go when you want some healthy meals. All of the dishes here are cooked from organic ingredients sourced directly from farms. The Cricklade Club also serves craft beers and cider, although we don’t recommend trading and drinking.


We really can’t talk about great coffee shops for traders without talking about Baristocrats. This is a place that’s already very popular among independent traders and freelancers. It is also the go-to place of local artists and coffee lovers.

Service is always great and there is this unique ambiance that you can only find at this place. Baristocrats also serve a wide range of dishes to keep you full while you stay glued to the charts for hours. The cheesecake and its tasty latte will definitely refresh your mind.

If you are thinking about doing some online trading while enjoying a relaxing day outside, these three coffee shops are worth the try. Bring a laptop – and a charger if you’re planning to stay for a while – and you are all set for a fruitful and profitable day.