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Cancun Family Vacation: What Do Kids Really Want?

Cancun Beach
Image by Jess Foami from Pixabay

Cancun family vacation, do these words instill joy or terror? Traveling with kids can be… complicated! They’ll test your nerves and push your buttons, then turn around and do something incredible that makes you proud. We just got back from a stay at Finest Playa Mujeres with our three kids, ages 12, 9, and 4. I thought instead of giving you MY review, I would ask them for theirs. Here’s what my gang had to say:

Brandon, Age 12

“When mom and dad told me we were going on a Cancun family vacation, I was super excited! I just wanted to swim and swim and swim, and I thought maybe I could see iguanas and stuff. I DID see LOTS of iguanas, big ones, they were awesome, like little dinosaurs. And I got to swim all I wanted, the pool was fun, but the ocean was the best with all the little fish. We all built a sandcastle together and then stomped it down and buried my little sister in the sand. I think seeing my mom and dad playing with us was the coolest thing about our trip. OH, and the desserts, I could eat all the desserts I wanted, and now I love churros!”

Photo by Christian Lambert on Unsplash

Melanie, Age 9

“I was happy about vacation because I wanted to play outside a lot on the beach. I laughed really hard when I got buried under the sand, it kind of tickled! I didn’t think I would like the kids club because I thought it was for babies, but I made the bestest friends in the whole world there! My new friends live in other countries, but mom said we can talk on the computer. We played lots of games and went on the water slides a million times. I also liked the spa day with my family. I felt like a princess.”

Kids on beach
Image by Tatyana Kazakova from Pixabay

Jed, Age 4

“I like Cancun. I want to live there. I like waterslides and the pool and the fridge in the room with my juice. Sarah in the kids club was the best. I told her to come to visit me and babysit me at home. We played games and painted and sang songs. I really really liked breakfast because I ate all the pancakes I wanted. Mommy and daddy were smiling all the time. I liked that. Jumping on the bed was fun, but mom said I couldn’t anymore.”

So there you have it, folks, what my kids loved about our Cancun family vacation. The simple things really, time with family, splashing and playing, sand and sea and a little bit of freedom. We are so glad we chose Finest Playa Mujeres, it really was perfect for ALL of us, mom and dad were pretty darned happy with the luxury of it all and the special time with our munchkins! It just takes a little planning for a hassle-free vacation.