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Ways to Unleash Your Child’s Creativity & Imagination

Child's Creativity & Imagination
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Ways to Unleash Your Child’s Creativity & Imagination

Let’s face it; children want a lot of things from their parents. They either want to play games, play on the tablet or smartphone. Does this scenario sound familiar to you as a parent? I bet there were times when you were thinking about what to do to steer your child away from technology. We are surrounded by it, and we know what childhood we had when we were children, and we want the same for our children. However, there are great alternatives to those alluring screens. A Child’s Creativity & Imagination are built with activities or games that cultivate these skills. Let’s take a look at what exercises can help in this case. 

Brain Teasers

Brain teasers are entertainment games that allow children to stimulate their minds and imagination. Playing with various puzzle games such as; wooden jigsaw tangram puzzles or wooden Tetris puzzles can render endless possibilities. This method is beneficial because children at the age of 4 to 6 experience rapid growth in brain development, which means that essential brain functions like memory, sensations, and hand-eye coordination need exercise. 

When children experiment with brainteasers, it will prompt them to think outside the box because they can think of all sorts of designs using geometric shapes; animals, boats, houses, letters, people, and more. Brain teasers can involve lots of trials and errors, and they play a significant role in developing children’s hand and eye coordination. As a parent, you can observe how this happens when kids discover that the puzzle piece does not fit, so they try other possibilities to alter the arrangement. 

Nanoblock Toys

Image by M W from Pixabay

If your children enjoy playing with Lego bricks, then they will find that the mini version of it, nanoblocks are fun as well. Besides, how can one small pack of nanoblock benefit a child’s development? Logical thinking is used when working on brain teasers, helping to hone a child’s motor skills. 

The nanoblock package has an assembly instruction, which means that even the parents can participate. Although those tiny pieces may look challenging to put together, there are various levels of difficulty. Introducing your kids to puzzles is a fun way to learn and collaborate on a project with you or their siblings. 

The nanoblock range includes original designs that contain miniature collections with miniature animals, like pandas, cats, dogs, miniature sets of musical instruments, and many more themes. There are also the sights to see that include world landmarks and notable buildings ranging in size from 200 to 600 bricks. The nanoblock range also includes popular characters from anime, like Dragonball anime cartoons. Besides, if your child has a favorite Pokemon, you can choose one from a Pokémon nanoblock list. The list has pokemon ranging from Pikachu to Bulbasaur and every pokemon that is out there available.

Arts and Crafts

Experts have highlighted the importance of arts in a child’s development. Art encourages children to work with their hands while expressing thoughts and imagination. Children can either play with clay and construct a figure or splatter paint over a canvas, and they can explore, discover, and create more with the help of arts and crafts. When children have completed their artwork, you can engage with them, asking; What did they do? What is the drawing about? Why is the dog blue? Etc.  

As a parent, you will be amazed by how wild and fascinating their imagination is, and sometimes you may even get silly and funny responses from your children. Kids can get a sense of achievement from completing artsy and crafty projects, especially when their parents show appreciation and validations for their efforts. 

Conclusion | Developing a Child’s Creativity & Imagination

If you don’t want a lot of paper wasted, because kids can pretty much use a lot of paper, you can use the perks of technology by getting them LCD writing & drawing tablets. The graphic tablet can work as an excellent replacement for the usual digital one. Digital tablets emit blue lights, so you don’t have to worry about the LCD ones because their matte screen does not hurt their eyes. When drawing on a graphics tablet, your child can erase drawings with a click of a button or using the digital pen that comes by with the tablet.