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Customer Service Wait Times

Call Center
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Have you recently had an issue where you needed to call a customer service number in hopes to have an issue handled immediately? Or, did you rely on Twitter to get quick answers to resolve an issue? Most people have had to deal with some form of customer service and were not always thrilled with the experience.

Calling Customer Service

Calling Customer Service
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Unfortunately, when calling customer service – more than likely, there is going to be more than one person calling about an issue. For example, if your power goes out, then customer service is going to be called immediately to report an outage. The problem with this is going to be all of the other people calling at the same time, which can result in long wait times.

Another perfect example of having to deal with customer service is when a product or a service like a television cable is experiencing technical difficulties. There are different ways to get in contact with customer service. You can use social media like Twitter in hopes that a live customer service representative will be able to assist, but that is not always the case. Most of the time, a live call center with customer service representatives is going to be the best way to work on getting your particular issue handled in a decent wait time.


People that pay for a service or have purchased a product expect to have a pleasant time when dealing with any customer service, whether it be for billing or even technical support. Sitting on hold for any person can be extremely frustrating, but the longer the wait time – most people will ultimately hang up the phone frustrated, trying to look for different options to fix their problem.

Customer Service Etiquette

One aspect of customer service is going to be proper customer service etiquette. This can work both ways involving both the caller and the customer service agent. If you are in a situation where you need immediate assistance, then you should always be prepared when you are getting ready to speak with a live customer service representative.

Have Account Information

For the best service, have your account information in front of you. This is essential because when you talk to a live customer service representative, the faster you can provide your account information – the customer service representative will be able to pull up your account for review.

Take Notes

You also might want to write down any notes that you might forget, especially if it involves your service. Many customers get frustrated and get angry if their service doesn’t work.  This is the prime time for when someone might miss an error code or miss something that can be essential in diagnosing your account. It also helps the customer service representative, because if you need transferring to technical support – all of the relevant information has already been noted in your account. This also can decrease wait times, because you are already being expedited to the next customer service rep if you need to be.

A Business Call Center

Training Representatives

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Customer service from a call center is also extremely important. Any business or company wants to provide the best customer service.  Customer service also wants a clean, easy-going process for its customers. What company is going to want angry customers calling frequently asking questions or having issues with service because the customer service representatives were not fully capable of handling the situation? Therefore, customer service representatives need to be well-trained, so that they can answer questions accurately.

Listen to Customer

An excellent way for a customer service representative to handle a frustrated customer is to listen to the problem. A calm and collected customer service representative will be able to not only calm an angry customer but provide excellent customer service. Call centers can be chaotic.  A well-trained customer service representative can be the light at the end of a tunnel in case of an emergency.

Keep Calm

A customer will appreciate a calm customer service representative.  A representative that understands the frustration but can also provide a solution to the problem. The most significant part of calling into any call center is getting the customer to the right department.

Waiting Time

Wait time
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Of course, your call does matter.  It should be promptly transferred to the correct department. Unfortunately, a customer may need to sit on hold for under one minute in a queue. Some call centers will have an automated voice that will give an approximate “wait time,” which many customers appreciate. However, the overall goal for any customer is not to sit on hold for any lengthy duration. Some customers may be demanding and expect immediate service, but the average customer is okay with a reasonable hold time.  


There is not going to be an overnight solution for any type of call wait time. Still, there can be many different ways to improve customer service call centers.  The goal is making sure that customers get processed quickly. By having well-trained agents, this can greatly improve statistics for wait times. Well-trained agents can make customers happy.  Customers will prefer calling into a call center rather than relying on Twitter or other forms of social media. #TakeMeOffHold

Phone-Twitter Infographic
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