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How Drone Technology Is Revolutionizing Photography

Drone Technology
Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

Drone technology has come in handy, especially for photography purposes. Recently, a scene from Star Wars that went viral was filmed using drones. If you have watched the movie, you know that iconic scene! Star Wars creators mounted several cameras on several drones to shoot it and flew them across the sky, doing turns and twists. The film’s creative director admitted that without drone technology, it would have been almost impossible to create that scene. He further revealed that it was a fast and safe procedure thanks to the efficiency of drone technology. Fortunately, there are many models of drones available today. Some cost as little as $60. Only the military had access to these gadgets, but nowadays, anybody can buy one and use it for personal or commercial purposes. You can get one of the best drones on this website. So, what other ways have drone technology helped in photography and film making? This article discusses ways through which drone technology has improved photography. But before that, let’s discuss the roots and evolution of aerial photography.

Drone Technology Evolution

Drone technology has not only brought new heights to videography but also changed people’s perspective on photography. Aerial photography isn’t a new phenomenon; actually, it is one of the oldest forms of photography. Back in the 1800s, people had to board hot air balloons to take aerial photos. Gaspar Felix Tournachon is the first person in history to attempt an aerial shot; he did so in 1858. From the late 1800s to the early 1900s, photographers invented new ways to take aerial photos, such as rockets, kites, and even pigeons! In an article published on the Professional Aerial Photographers Association, Julius Neubranner built a “tiny breast-mounted camera for carrier pigeons” back in 1903. The camera took photos after 30 seconds with pigeons driving it. The photos were then placed on exhibition in 1909 at the Dresden International Photographic Exhibition.

During the First World War, rockets and planes were used for aerial photography. By the year 1921, aerial photography had become a commercial enterprise. Fast forward to the 21st century; drone technology has become one of the pillars of aerial photography. Drones are used everywhere in the world to take aerial pictures, and other places humans can’t reach.

Drones Revolutionizing Photography

Drones Revolutionizing Photography
Image by Harald Landsrath from Pixabay

It is not a secret that drone technology has changed the way we do photography today. To start with, it has made taking pictures from a bird’s perspective much safer. We no longer have to risk lives by taking aerial photographs from a plane or helicopter. Today, a drone will do all that for you, all you have to do is control it using remote navigation with a controller. Furthermore, given that the drone is small and light, it is easy to achieve the angle and perspective you need. Drone technology has been a game-changer, especially for professionals and enthusiasts, into macro photography and wedding shoots. If you are a photographer, you will agree that it can be challenging to get all the shots you need in a fully packed indoor venue.

Examples of Situations Where Drones Have Helped 

There are so many situations where drone technology has helped in photography. Firstly, drones have helped shoot very complex and sophisticated pictures. They take extreme photos for commercial purposes. For instance, when there is a war zone, journalists and media houses have used drones to capture events and take photos that could not be possible without them.

Secondly, drone technology has been used to photograph many businesses, such as a winery where the tasting was being done. The drone took pictures of the 1,000-acre winery that was needed for a brochure, learn more here.

They can also be used to take images of a dig site of a timber business such as NorthernMat.ca for advertising purposes. Undoubtedly, agricultural and manufacturing companies can greatly benefit from this technology.

Using Drone Technology

There are a lot of things you can do with a drone camera set up. As a matter of fact, you can afford to be more adventurous when using drones. When shooting cityscape images, you can aim your drone a little higher so that you can shoot from an altitude and angle that is impossible with a regular camera. Depending on the drone’s model, you can adjust or rotate your camera’s position for better shots when filming difficult objects and locations. This shows how creative and open-minded you can be when using drone technology.

Before you go out and start shooting, there is one critical thing you ought to know — the law. As of today, the Federal Aviation Authority requires all drone owners and operators to register their drones. Failure to do so, you risk a fine of up to $250,000. If you are using the drone to take pictures for commercial purposes, you must also get FAA’s certificate that indicated you are permitted to do so. Furthermore, you are required to earn a drone pilot’s license to fly the drone.