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Tips to Help Your Children Adjust to Life Abroad

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We’re at a point where people move abroad all the time for a myriad of different reasons. Many people move to a different country for a job or more economic opportunity.

Just as an example, there were more than 304,000 people from the Philippines living in Australia according to a 2016 census report. Many of these people moved to have access to better jobs and economic possibilities.

Some people also move to foreign countries simply because they want to experience a different culture and lifestyle.

While moving abroad can be exciting and full of possibilities, it can also come with challenges. If you have children, these challenges can be especially significant.

The following are some tips to help your children adjust to life abroad, no matter where you may be moving to or what the reasons.

Find Activities For Your Kids

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There are a lot of benefits to enrolling your kids in activities in your new home country as soon as possible. First, it will just be something your kids can enjoy doing, especially if it’s an activity they also did before the move.

Also, enrolling your kids in activities can help them learn the culture and language more quickly, and it will help them build connections with other children in their new country.

Make Your Own Efforts

A lot of what your kids feel about their new country and how they respond to a shift in culture is going to be dependent on what they see you doing as their parent. If you show that you’re making an effort to get out and about and learn about your new culture, learn the language and interact with other people, they’re more likely to follow your lead.

Enroll Your Kids in a Language Class

A lot of times when you move abroad you’ll find that most people speak English, and sometimes you may put off learning much of your new local language.

However, enrolling your kids (and yourself) in a language class can be extremely helpful. First, it’s great for kids to start learning new languages as early as possible and it’s going to be easier for them when they’re younger.

They can also learn about elements of the culture through language, and they’ll meet other people at the same time.

Don’t Lose Traditions From Home

While you do want your kids to adapt to a new country, you don’t want them to feel like they’ve lost their connection to where they were born. When you move abroad, try to continue some of your main traditions from back home. For example, celebrate holidays that you did when you were in your home country, even if no one else in your new country does.

Finally, as you’re working to help your kids with their adjustment, realize the challenges they face are going to be largely dependent on their age. Younger kids will probably have a much easier time than older kids. You’ll have to focus more on helping older kids build connections with the people around them in their new home like they had before you moved.

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