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Time Management Guide for Your Summer BBQ

Guide for Your Summer BBQ
Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

Outdoor BBQs are a staple get-together for everyone during the summer months, but they can be challenging to plan for several reasons. During the summer months, it’s likely you’re juggling various tasks. From household chores to vacations, it may feel like you’re left with little to no time for anything else. Below, we’re sharing our Guide for Your Summer BBQ on all things time management. Keep reading to learn how to host your Summer BBQ and ensure it’s memorable!

Plan Ahead

The first key step in planning your summer BBQ is proactive in the planning process. Begin by deciding on who you want to invite and how you want to do so. This should be done weeks in advance so you know how many people to expect, how much food you’ll need to prepare, and how much entertaining space you’ll need to provide in your backyard or home. Instead of juggling and fielding tons of group text messages, try setting up an event page on Facebook or another social platform that can make RSVPing for your guests as easy as a click of a button. Creating a guest list this way (and doing so weeks ahead of time) can avoid confusion, and make your life as the party planner much easier!

 Shop Smart

After you’ve got a total guest count, it’s time to strategically tackle your grocery list and make your shopping experience as optimal. Begin with creating a shopping list a few weeks before your BBQ, so you know what you’re looking for. While this can seem like an obvious step, it’s quite easy to forget items on your shopping trip if they’re not written down on paper!

Another thing to consider is how many items you’ll need and how long the food items can last. For example, snack items like chips and crackers can be bought ahead of time, but more pressing items like meats and fruit should be purchased in the days leading up to your event. With this mindset, plan on two main trips to the grocery store to ensure you’re getting the correct items at the proper time! The last thing you need is running to the store at the last minute to grab something you’ve forgotten.

If you’re stumped on where to start, check out one of our favorite grocery shopping guides.

Embrace Convenience

Sure, BBQ planning can be overwhelming, and if you haven’t done your groundwork as we’ve previously mentioned, you may feel like your head is spinning in a million different directions. Luckily, there are some convenient ways you can seek help as your BBQ gets closer and closer. One idea to float by your guests is advising them to bring their favorite food and drink to the party too! Opening up the invitation to be a potluck of sorts can take some of the pressure off your shoulders as the planner and ensure that your guests are going to have something to eat that they love.

If you find yourself in a bind on the day of the party, remember, technology is your friend. Some apps can do things like deliver your favorite alcohol or determine how much gas is left in your grill’s tank. When it comes to event planning, convenience is king, and anything that can make your life a little easier is definitely worth the wait.

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Provide Activities

Pool fun
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With all the running around, you’ll inevitably be doing, it may be simple to forget how you can entertain your guests. Our guide for your summer BBQ would not do you justice if we did not express how important activities are to your summer BBQ. Whether you have a backyard pool for friends and family to swim in, or a variety of lawn games like corn-hole or darts, remembering to take care of this important factor can be done the day of the event. But make sure you have exciting games for the appropriate age groups that will be joining the big day.

Clean Up

A great habit of any good party planner can think ahead of the curve and prepare for things down the road. In the case of your backyard barbecue, this means taking the initiative to think about the post-BBQ and clean up after it’s all said. Here are a few ways you can think about the aftermath while you’re planning it!

First, think about the food. It’s likely that if you’re grilling, you’ll have leftover hotdogs, hamburgers, or whatever you’re serving, so have a plan of attack for anything extra. Encourage your guests to take any extra food home to avoid having too much food to handle. If you plan on saving some food for yourself, prep your refrigerator and make room so you can have space to store leftovers.

Next, think about what the cleanup process could entail. Consider using paper plates and utensils, rather than items you’d have to wash, to make it easier to clean up after the party. Place trash bins around your yard and house to make it easy for your guests (and you afterward) to dispose of waste properly. Just remember that planning the party is just as important as planning the cleanup!

Guide for Your Summer BBQ

At the end of the day, summer BBQs are meant to be enjoyable and tasty ways to spend time with friends and family. If you’re looking for a stress-free planning experience, be sure to follow our tips. Now it’s your time to shine and get to BBQing!