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Archived Newsletters



September, 2011

Take Advantage

August, 2011

Utilize a Pro

July, 2011

Dealing With a Challenging Market

June, 2011

Using All the Resources Available

May, 2011

Riding the Foreclosure Wave

April, 2011

Common Sense Mortgages

March, 2011

Keeping it Under Control

February, 2011

Offers and Contracts

January, 2011

The Selling Price is Only the Beginning

December, 2010

Compare Before You Commit

November, 2010

Which Comes First?

October, 2010

Buying Foreclosures

September, 2010

Reverse Mania

August, 2010

Finding the Right Location

July, 2010

New Market Realities

June, 2010

Mortgages: New Market Realities

May, 2010

Sharpen Your Budget Skills

April, 2010

What Type of Housing is Best for You?

March, 2010

You Need To Have Vision

February, 2010

Mortgage Preparation and Prequalification

January, 2010

SHOULD Your Buy?

December, 2009

“Virtual” Home Buying

November, 2009

Breathing Room

October, 2009

Don’t Overextend Yourself

September, 2009

Don’t Forget Resale

August, 2009

Laying the Groundwork

July, 2009

Developing a Mortgage Strategy

June, 2009

Fast Track Your Mortgage

May, 2009

Helping Hands

April, 2009

Pricing Considerations

March, 2009

Going Forward

February, 2009

Inspectors and Inspections 

January, 2009

 “Put a Lid on It”

December, 2008

Resale or New Build?

November, 2008

Changes in the Mortgage Market

October, 2008

Preparation Times 3

September, 2008

Build Your Home Equity Quicker

August, 2008

Buying Foreclosures

July, 2008

What a House Is–and Isn’t

May, 2008

Buying With Common Sense

April, 2008

Understanding Representation

March, 2008

Setting a Timeline

February, 2008

Good News?

January, 2008

Lessons Learned

December, 2007

Understanding Closing/Settlement Costs

November, 2007

What Determines Price?

October, 2007

Dealing With a Housing Upheaval

September, 2007

Inspection Essentials

August, 2007

Online Resources

July, 2007

Mortgage Preparations

June, 2007

A Team Building Exercise

May, 2007

Ready, Set, Close

April, 2007

Tax Changes for PMI

March, 2007

Buy or Sell First?

February, 2007

Prepare for Your Move

January, 2007

Do Your Research

December, 2006

Making Property Comparisons

November, 2006

Give Your Budget a “Tune Up”

October, 2006

Dealing With A Changing Market

September, 2006

Developing a Mortgage Strategy

August, 2006

Finding a Neighborhood

July, 2006

Are We Entering a Buyer’s Market?

June, 2006

Gettng the Representation You Deserve

May, 2006

The Steps to Take

April, 2006

Negotiations in a Changing Market

March, 2006

Buy or Rent: 2006 Style

February, 2006

The Housing Gold Rush

January, 2006

Cosmetic Improvements Can Reap Big Rewards

December, 2005

Owning a House Free and Clear

November, 2005

Is the Bubble Ready to Burst?

October, 2005

Buying Investment Property

September, 2005

Check Your Emotions at the Door

August, 2005

The Correct Mindset To Be Shopping For A Home

July, 2005

Making Comparisons

June, 2005

A Smart Approach to Pricing

May, 2005

Interest Only Mortgages

April, 2005

Closing and Settlement

March, 2005

Homeowner’s Associations

February, 2005

Offers and Contracts: Protecting Your Interests

January, 2005

The Right Home for You

December, 2004

Preparing for Repairs and Maintenance

November, 2004

Qualifying for a Mortgage

October, 2004

Understanding CMAs

September, 2004

Buy Low, Sell High

August, 2004

 Various Home Inspections

July, 2004

Mortgages: More Than Just Rates

June, 2004

Credit Issues

May, 2004

Should We Build?

April, 2004

Don’t Mortgage Your Life Away

March, 2004

Prepare First, Then Negotiate

February, 2004

Avoiding Nasty (and Expensive) Mistakes

January, 2004

Finding a Home: Effective Techniques

December, 2003

Buying for the Future

November, 2003

Choosing an Agent

October, 2003

Transition from Renting to Buying

September, 2003

Sharpening Your Budget

August, 2003

Overbuying: When is it Too Much?

July, 2003

Understanding Offers

June, 2003

How to Build Equity

May, 2003

Buying “Fixer-Uppers”

April, 2003

Determining Value

March, 2003

Major Mortgage Mistakes

February, 2003

Foregoing a Home Inspection

January, 2003

Getting a Grip on Pricing and Values

December, 2002

Buy or Rent?

November, 2002

Your Home as an Investment

October, 2002

Don’t Forget the Extra Costs

September, 2002

Insurance, Insurance, Insurance

August, 2002

A Common Sense Approach

July, 2002

 The Final Walk-Through

June, 2002

Understanding Appraisals

May, 2002

Preparing for Settlement

April, 2002

Making Mortgage Comparisons

March, 2002

Legal Aspects of Building a Home

February, 2002

Understanding PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance)

January, 2002

Overpaying Can Ruin Your Financial Health

December, 2001

Winning at Negotiation

November, 2001

Credit and Home Buying

October, 2001

Economic Effects

September, 2001

Mortgage Qualifying

August, 2001

Changing Your Mind

July, 2001

Buying for Your Needs

June, 2001

Budgeting for Home Ownership

May, 2001

Using a Buyer’s Agent

April, 2001

Maximizing Your Downpayment

March, 2001

Buy Less, Get More

February, 2001

Choosing the Right Mortgage

January, 2001

 Understanding Contracts

Nov/Dec, 2000

Building a Winning Team

October, 2000

 First Time Buyer Programs

September, 2000

Closing Costs

August, 2000

Buying a Home Online

July, 2000

Buying With Resale in Mind

June, 2000

Effective Negotiation

May, 2000

 Dealing With Market and Rate Volatility

April, 2000

Balancing Your Needs and Wants

March, 2000

Mortgages: Compare But Be Aware!

February, 2000


January, 2000

 Smooth and Painless Closings

December, 1999

New or existing homes: Which is right for you?

November, 1999

What is the “Right” Price?

October, 1999

125% Mortgages: Good or Bad?

September, 1999

Home Inspections

August, 1999

15 Year Mortgages

July, 1999

Making an Offer

June, 1999

Understanding Agency: Don’t Get Shortchanged


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