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August, 2001

Changing Your Mind

July, 2001

Buying for Your Needs

June, 2001

Budgeting for Home Ownership

May, 2001

Using a Buyer’s Agent

April, 2001

Maximizing Your Downpayment

March, 2001

Buy Less, Get More

February, 2001

Choosing the Right Mortgage

January, 2001

 Understanding Contracts

Nov/Dec, 2000

Building a Winning Team

October, 2000

 First Time Buyer Programs

September, 2000

Closing Costs

August, 2000

Buying a Home Online

July, 2000

Buying With Resale in Mind

June, 2000

Effective Negotiation

May, 2000

 Dealing With Market and Rate Volatility

April, 2000

Balancing Your Needs and Wants

March, 2000

Mortgages: Compare But Be Aware!

February, 2000


January, 2000

 Smooth and Painless Closings

December, 1999

New or existing homes: Which is right for you?

November, 1999

What is the “Right” Price?

October, 1999

125% Mortgages: Good or Bad?

September, 1999

Home Inspections

August, 1999

15 Year Mortgages

July, 1999

Making an Offer

June, 1999

Understanding Agency: Don’t Get Shortchanged

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