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 April 6, 2019

By George  

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Hints on Using This Site
(and on Buying a House)

We firmly believe that the most satisfied–and happy–home buyers (and owners) are those who have the most information available to them and who use it to their advantage. We have developed and organized this site so users of it can have full access to what we believe to be the most extensive resource on buying a house available on the Internet.

Here are our top 5 things to remember when buying a house:

Be aware of the whole process: from start to finish–and everything in between. Buying your first home? See the section developed for first-time home buyers. The checklist is another excellent tool: Bookmark it so you will have easy access as you proceed. Have a question about a real estate or mortgage term? We’ve got glossaries for both.

Do your financial work first: It’s very tempting to rush off and begin looking at houses as quickly as possible, but if your financial house isn’t in order first, your physical house never will be. We offer resources to check your creditpre-apply for a mortgage loan and develop a budget. Take advantage of them–they’re free!

Please don’t just skim the surface: both for this web site and house buying in general. Although there are 9 main sections to this site, there are literally dozens of additional pages here, all with important content. Dig deeply! In addition, you can always find out what is new on the site by visiting our “What’s New” page. The more information you have at your disposal the more successful you will be.

Take advantage of our research: If we recommend, for example, a book that offers additional information, it’s because we have examined its content and determined that it is worthwhile. If we give direction to an additional source, it’s because we feel that it is a helpful resource. We’ve done much of your “homework” for you. You’ll find “Recommended Reading” at the bottom of many pages as well as a Bookstore with our best picks.

Sometimes a small investment can bring a bigger reward.:Good resources often will have a small cost attached to them. Don’t run the risk of costing yourself thousands of dollars because you weren’t willing to pay $15 for a good book on a specific subject.

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