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Relocating to a new city or town is tough enough. Doing so without an effective “support system” makes it even harder. The “long-distance” nature of the process makes it more difficult than a simple move across town. We hope that the information you will find here at the Home Buyer’s Information Center will make your move just a little bit easier. Although the vast majority of information on this site is for all home buyers, we’ve tried to give as much help as possible to those who are looking to relocate, since the needs are just a bit more extensive. Browse through any of our pages and you will find information that you can use to smooth out the relocation process. Our Agents section will give you information on what to look for in an Agent and can get you in touch with a someone who can handle all the details of your relocation. Be sure to consult the Checklist page to make certain that you cover all of the “relocation bases” (for example, see our discussion on “Agency” to be certain that you get the representation that you want–if you deal with the Agent who has listed the property, you will not have Buyer’s Representation.) Finding an Agent should be the first step in your relocation process since the Agent can be your “eyes and ears” thousands of miles away. In addition, the Agent will most likely be able to send you a relocation package which will give you information about your new destination so that you can begin to know the area. If you would like, we can help you locate an Agent in the area to which your relocation will take you. Agents are available throughout the U.S. and in most areas of Canada. Click here for more information.

The Internet has made much of the process a great deal easier. Not too long ago, you would have to find a local Mortgage source in the city you were moving to, spend a lot of time on the phone and submitting applications through the mail, and hope that everything would fall into place. Today, Internet sources can remove a good deal of aggravation. Since they have a national presence, you can submit a simple and secure online loan request form and receive up to 4 loan offers from competing lending sources, all with loan availability in your new area.

As you prepare for your move, make sure to see the section on Moving. Hopefully, it will help to organize and take some of the stress out of the move. A coordinated plan here can save endless hours of aggravation later.

We hope that you find your stay here informative and that your relocation goes quickly and easily. If there are items that you feel we need to address, please go to our feedback and evaluation page and let us know what you would like to see.