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 April 6, 2019

By George  

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Sample Home Buying Timeline

There are no absolutes on a time-frame for buying a home (some buyers find a home their first day out while others may take weeks or even months) but there are some general guidelines that can help with your overall planning. These time-frames can vary by the type of Real Estate market you are in. In an active market, they can be compressed (you will need to move quickly for desirable homes) but in a less active market you may have the luxury of a bit more time. In addition, due to changes in mortgage availability, it is imperative that you begin that process as soon as possible.

Time Prior to Desired Moving Date

3-4 Months

2-3 Months

5-6 Weeks

3-4 Weeks

1-2 Weeks

» Develop a personal checklist » Compare and evaluate homes
» Choose a home
» Offer and purchase contract
» Home Inspection
» Closing arrangements
» Moving arrangements
» Monitor mortgage process
» Arrange for any school transfers or registrations
» Arrange homeowners insurance
» Start basic packing
» Make address changes
» Arrange for utilities at new home
» Purchase decorating items (e.g. draperies) for new home
» Verify mover
» Verify closing details with settlement agent
» Verify any final mortgage details
» Packing

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