The following “To-Do Lists” will keep you in control of the various elements of your house purchase. By taking advantage of them, you will be able to monitor your “home buying education” process.


 “To-Do Lists” for the Home Buyer

1. Keep track of your credit report–click here to get a free copy of your credit score, or see the Credit Center for additional sources of credit reports.

2. Prepare for your home purchase–spend some time at the home buyer’s “prep school.”

3. Develop a budget

4. Get your financial picture in focus

5. Find ways to save money on your purchases

6. Familiarize yourself with the various terms you will hear relating to buying a house. Our Real Estate Glossary and our Mortgage Glossary have the definitions you need

7. Investigate mortgage prequalification and approval

8. Get mortgage offer comparisons from LendingTree Mortgage Loans

9. Get a full understanding of how agency works when working with an Agent

10. Find and choose an Agent

11. Compare housing types to choose the best for you: Single familytownhouse or condominium

12. Find the Right Home

13. Check Home Listings and Prices Online

14. Determine the Value of a Home

15. Saving Money on Homeowners Insurance

16. Arranging for a Professional Home Inspection

17. Moving Plans

18. Subscribe to our free newsletter to keep up to date on housing matters and this web site
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