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Taking an inventory of all items in your home is an important part of maintaining control over your home ownership. First of all, it gives you a complete picture of your personal property, the value of which can be totaled and is a component of your current net worth. Secondly, a comprehensive home inventory is important should you ever have an insurance loss. Keeping the inventory up to date, and having photographs or a video tape to accompany it, should save you a great deal of aggravation should you need to report a loss to your insurance company.

Once you have completed your home inventory, make 2 or more copies. File one copy with your important housing papers at your home. File a second (or better yet, additional copies) in a safe deposit box away from your house, at a friend or relative’s house, or at your place of employment. Obviously, if you have a major loss at your house and the only copy of your inventory was there, you will spend an enormous amount of time and frustration attempting to recreate it.

Follow the links below to the home inventory pages. We have posted 3 separate pages so that you can print each on a separate sheet of paper.