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Someone once said that one of the major sources of stress in modern life is due to a lack of organization. We will spend hours doing a task that should have taken only minutes because we did not take the time previously to get ourselves organized. Here are some tips, from a homeowner’s perspective, on getting an organized grip on the “experience” of owning a home.

One of the first things that you can do is to organize all of your house records so they are quickly accessible when you need them. For example, you should develop a list of all of your important house information so that when a question such as “what is our mortgage loan number?” arises, you will not be scrambling to find the information. Here are some tips for getting your life as a homeowner organized:



Keep a record of all your house information in a central location.
Make a list of who to call when you need repairs or maintenance.
Develop a household budget that everyone can live with.
Plan major purchases in advance and save for them so that you can pay cash rather than adding to your credit card debt.
Keep an eye on your credit report. Not only will it help give you a clear idea of where your money is going now, you have the opportunity to clear up mistakes and inaccuracies. You can get a free copy of your credit report here.
Consolidate as much debt as possible into the lowest interest rate loan or card, rather than having numerous small accounts, all of which have minimum payments.
Plan your meals a week in advance and shop accordingly.
Coordinate your shopping trips–make one trip to three or four stores in the same trip rather than three or four separate ones.
Have a schedule for house maintenance.
If your time is short, consider having certain work (e.g. landscaping, painting) done for you rather than doing it yourself–it may even save money in the long run.
Schedule and divide chores and responsibilities among all members of the household.

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