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 April 3, 2019

By Scott Teesdale  

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Advertising and Marketing
Whether you are selling your home on your own or with an Agent, you will want to be involved in the advertising and marketing of it. Self sellers need to be especially well versed on this subject, since they will be competing with hundreds (or thousands) of ads and the marketing efforts of local Agents. If you are selling with an Agent, you will need to share with them what you feel to be the most important selling features of your house (who knows them better than you?) and you will want to monitor and give feedback about the Agent’s marketing activity. The following are some examples of advertising and marketing.

Newspaper and magazine ads.

Look through the classified section of any newspaper or one of the home sales magazines and you will see hundreds of ads…some extremely effective, some less so, and some that have no effect at all. When writing a classified ad it is important to not only grab the reader’s interest with a strong headline, but to maintain that interest with colorful and descriptive copy.

Classified Ads: Effective and not effective


This beautiful home awaits you. 3 generous sized bedrooms, including an exceptional master suite. 1 1/2 baths, both freshly redone. Expansive eat-in kitchen overlooking a private, park-like yard. Many additional amenities make this home a must see. Priced at only $144,500.

Call 555-1088

House for Sale

3 BR. 1 1/2 B. Nice yard. LBFB, HP/AC, Deck. Large kitchen. Good location. Asking $144,500. Call 555-1088

Never use the words “asking” or “negotiable” with your selling price. Look at it through the eyes of a buyer: If you are only “asking” the price or are “negotiable” on it, why haven’t you priced it right in the first place? Don’t give up negotiating leverage before you need to!


The Internet has revolutionized real estate marketing methods. It has also made it easier for those who wish to sell their home on their own. Several studies have shown that more and more home buyers are using the Internet as their first point of contact when considering buying a house. By a few simple steps, you can be showcasing your home to millions of potential buyers.

Fact Sheets

A well done Fact Sheet can be one of the strongest tools available in the marketing of your house. Every house on the market should have an effective one available. If you do not have a professionally done Fact Sheet in the house, you will be putting yourself at a big disadvantage with the competition. For a discussion and examples of Fact Sheets, go here.

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