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 April 3, 2019

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Real Estate Sales Contracts
Becoming familiar with the components of a contract before you have one presented to you puts you in a better position when it comes time to negotiate one. If you are looking for the format of a Real Estate Contract for your state, FindLegalForms.com has them available for download.

What are the Components of a Real Estate Contract?

Although there will be some variance based on the location of your residence, most Real Estate contracts contain most or all of the following items:

The Real Estate Sales Contract: What It Includes

1.What: A legal description of the property as well as the street address.

2.How much: The selling price.

3.Mortgage contingency: Subject to obtaining a mortgage (if applicable) and the specifics of the mortgage–amount, rate and term. Application to be made in X number of days.

4.Deposit: How much money accompanies the contract and who will hold it.

5.Closing: When and where.

6.Inclusions and exclusions: What is and is not included in the sale of the property.

7.Home inspection: Contingency for and to be done in X number of days.

8.Warranties: Any that are included with the house and description of the warranty.

9.Condominium: If the property is a condo, other provisions will apply.

10.Well and Septic: If applicable, they must be tested (and pass).

11.Termite and Pest inspection: Who will pay and if there is infestation or damage, who will repair.

12.Possession Date: When the buyers take possession of the house–before, at or after closing.

13.Acceptance: How long the sellers have to respond to the offer with either acceptance or a counter-offer.

14.Arbitration: Any provisions for arbitration of disputes.

15.Insurance: Whose insurance covers the property up until the closing date.

16.Property Disclosures: Notices of any property disclosures concerning the house.

Contract forms available at 

For Homes:

Contract for Sale/New Loan or Loan Assumption
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