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 April 3, 2019

By  Scott Teesdale

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Fact Sheets
Sometimes called house brochures, Fact Sheets are one of the strongest marketing tools that you or your Agent can use when selling your house. They are the information sheets that you find attached to many For Sale signs and can also be found inside homes for sale. They give information on the property and will often answer buyer’s questions relating to items such as square footage, room sizes, and available schools.

Why should you use a Fact Sheet? First and foremost, because an effective Fact Sheet will put your house above others in buyer’s minds. After looking at five or six houses in a single day, a buyer’s mind tends to become a little mushy–after the second or third one they no longer remember which house had the beautiful deck off the kitchen and which house had the stunning master bedroom suite. With a Fact Sheet on your house in hand, they will be able to refresh their memory when they review their day and the houses they saw. In addition, Fact Sheets attached to the For Sale sign have the capability of “capturing” drive-bys. Rather than looking for paper and pen to write down your phone number and address–and probably losing it anyhow–prospective buyers will have a record of how to contact you as well as information about your house

What should a Fact Sheet include? At the very least, it should contain all of the most salable features of your home. In addition, it should give the total square footage, sizes of individual rooms, as well as any additional information about your house that you believe important. Indicating which schools serve your neighborhood is always a good idea. (Put a note saying that school assignments are subject to change–please call to confirm). Always put your phone number (or your Agent’s) on any Fact Sheet as well as any special instructions regarding showings (e.g., due to our young children, we must keep showings before 9 PM).

Where should they be placed? One set of sheets should be in an all weather box attached to your For Sale sign. Another set should be inside the house. The dining room table is usually a good location there.

The best Fact Sheets are those that are printed on quality paper and use a glossy photo print. It actually is usually less expensive to do it this way, since printed color copies can cost as much as $1.00 apiece, while a 24 exposure roll of film can often be developed for less than $10.00. If you have Desktop Publishing software, you can make your Fact Sheets for not much more investment than the cost of the film and processing. With a glossy photo, you give your Fact Sheet a professional appearance.

An example of an effective Fact Sheet

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