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How to Find the Best Hemorrhoids Doctor in Bangalore City?

How to Find the Best Hemorrhoids Doctor in Bangalore City?
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If you are looking for the best hemorrhoids doctor in Bangalore city, you must answer certain questions: 

  • What treatment of hemorrhoids are you looking for?
  • How experienced is the doctor?
  • Credentials of the doctor
  • Specialization of the doctor

There are several doctors for hemorrhoids (piles) in Bangalore City who provide different types of treatments for hemorrhoids. The type of treatment depends upon the severity of hemorrhoids. Grade 1 and grade 2 can be treated with home remedies or over-the-counter medicines. That does not mean you self medicate yourself. 

Painful hemorrhoids
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Grade 3 and Grade 4 can be difficult to treat and need surgical intervention. Every individual has different needs and conditions. According to the patient, the doctor tailors the hemorrhoids treatment. For some hemorrhoids treatments, there are several methods: laser surgery, hemorrhoidectomy, stapled surgery, rubber band ligation, and sclerotherapy. Find out the latest and the best treatment for hemorrhoids with minimal pain and bleeding to get rid of the painful condition. 

Looking for the best proctologist while suffering from hemorrhoids might be a tough call. Hence, here are these tips for choosing the best hemorrhoids doctor in Bangalore: 

Check the credentials of the hemorrhoids doctor/surgeon

Every hemorrhoids specialist or general surgeon in Bangalore has a degree mentioned on the board outside their clinic or on the internet. Find out the information such as degree, specialization, and experience are all available online. The hemorrhoids doctor’s information is mentioned online if he/she is a laser specialist, and so on. Usually, hemorrhoids doctors in Bangalore also treat anorectal problems such as fissure and anal fistula. 

Find a good hemorrhoid doctor
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Experience counts

The more experienced doctors have a better understanding and success rate. The doctors who treat hemorrhoids or general surgeons are graduated from an accredited fellowship training program. You can ask your doctor about the number of surgeries done and the success rate of the complications that the doctor has handled in his experience. The success rate and the complications in the cases that a doctor has faced also matter when you seek the doctor to treat hemorrhoids. There is a lot of other information that comes under experiences such as the hospitals he is working with, the city he has worked in, technologically advanced procedures, and success rate. Get all this information to find the best hemorrhoids doctor in Bangalore city.

Patient reviews

If possible, talk to the patients who have take hemorrhoids treatment from the same doctor. You can also look for the reviews written online before you visit Bangalore’s hemorrhoids clinic. 


When an individual suffers from hemorrhoids, he or she visits the family doctor irrespective of the branch of medicines he looks after. Your doctor gives you the number of referral doctors. So, take as much information about the doctor as possible before you visit the referred hemorrhoids doctor.

Did he listen to your problem? 

When you visit a doctor, notice if he listens to your problems. The doctor must make a proper diagnosis after listening to your symptoms of hemorrhoids. If you think the doctor is not responding to your queries, then look for another doctor. Some questions come to your mind when you visit the doctor, such as were all your questions answered, did you feel rushed, were you getting the right response, or was the hemorrhoids doctor able to understand your problem? If the answer is a ‘YES,’ then look for the other parameters mentioned above and then go for the treatment. 


Improve your lifestyle to stay away from anorectal problems such as hemorrhoids, fissure, and fistula. Drink adequate water, increase fiber intake, and exercise regularly to keep hemorrhoids away. When suffering from hemorrhoids, look for minimally invasive technology to treat hemorrhoids and the best doctor in Bangalore to treat hemorrhoids. 

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