Getting Organized

Someone once said that one of the major sources of stress in modern life is due to a lack of organization. We will spend hours doing a task that should have taken only minutes because we did not take the time previously to get ourselves organized. We feel that we don’t have enough time in a day to complete all of the tasks–and feel frustration when we see others who are able to get everything done and still have an acceptable amount of time available for their families.

Getting yourself and your family organized is not all that difficult, but it does take time and concentration. Sticking with the status-quo (if you are disorganized) only guarantees that things will get worse. A lack of organization never seems to heal itself!

Prioritize. One of the worst mistakes that can bar any of your attempts to get organized is losing sight of priorities. It’s easy to do–the tendency is to concentrate on those task that present themselves firs–or “scream” the loudest for attention–rather than those that may have the most importance. Example: Neglecting to pay the mortgage payment on time because you spent hours looking for a lost toy. Yes, it’s important to calm a child, but the potential for harming your credit because of an unnecessarily delayed payment is more important.

Prepare. Spending ten minutes at the beginning of the day organizing your thoughts, goals and tasks can often save hours over the course of a single day.

Simplify. Don’t make your normal everyday tasks more complicated than they need to be! Learn the most effective ways to handle them and then repeat the process. Keep it simple. The wheel has already been invented–take advantage of that fact and don’t try to re-invent it!

Keep track. It’s impossible to be an organized person without being able to maintain a running record of what has (and has not) been done on a regular basis. Find a system that you are comfortable with a get into the habit of using it on a daily basis. A simple “to-do” list is probably the easiest and most convenient way of keeping track.

Organize your home. A large component of your personal organization is tied to the organization of your home. Rare is the organized person who lives in a disorganized home. Rarer still is a disorganized person who is able to maintain an organized household. They usually go hand in hand: getting a grip on your house organization just naturally helps you with your personal organization, and becoming more organized personally means a better organized (and efficient) home. Cluttered houses = cluttered families = cluttered lives. Rid yourself of the junk! Want some hints on ridding yourself of clutter? See a special article on the subject here.

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