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Plan an Unusual Family Vacation

Family Vacation
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Think Outside the Box for Your Next Family Vacation

When you hear the words All-Inclusive Vacation, visions of a mega-beach resort in Mexico or the Caribbean, but these kinds of holidays can expand far beyond hum-drum buffets, kids clubs it’s impossible to ignore, or another sodden pool party! Don’t settle for the same old trips you always take on your next holiday. Spice things up and inject some excitement into your next family vacation with our tips.

A Working Holiday in Juluchuca, Mexico

Playa Viva is an eco-focused luxury resort situated on a beach and working farm in the town of Juluchuca in Mexico. The kids can collect eggs from the chickens, learn to identify and pick fresh vegetables, collect cacao pods for making chocolate, take care of the goats, and swim in the ocean or pool all in the same day. 

Many of the meals at Playa Viva are sourced from the farm, and they’re all communal, to encourage families to interact with one another. Accommodation options include classy casitas, stylish suites, and an actual treehouse.

Bluefields Bay Villas, Jamaica

Photo by Sébastien Jermer on Unsplash

The Bluefields Bay Villas in Jamaica features six opulent villas with broad views, a dedicated butler, chef, and maid service, and private pools. The secluded, open-air lodges offer between two and six bedrooms, so families of all sizes can be accommodated. 

The resort offers a private beach with activities like glass-bottom boat tours and water sports, so the kids will be kept entertained. And thanks to the Wi-Fi, you can relax with the kind of fun online pokies NZ offers to your heart’s content.

Catch One of the Seven Wonders, Finland

Kilpisjärvi, Finland’s Wilderness Camp is three mobile sleeping huts, each placed in the perfect location to view the Northern Lights every winter. 

Each cabin has a gas-stove, extra-wide bed, table, heater, and dry toilet, and kicksleds and snowshoes are included. Their stand-out feature is the glass ceiling, however, since these are what allow you to lay back and marvel at the aurora borealis

Guests are transported to their huts via snowmobiles and then left to soak up the glorious landscape and the Northern Lights on your own. Snacks and hot drinks are included in the price for the stay, along with an Arctic grill for supper and breakfast the next morning. Children are welcomed, but there’s only one bed per hut, so everyone will have to snuggle up together. 

Adventures on the Gorge, USA

Zip lining
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Adventures on the Gorge offer rock climbing, whitewater rafting, ziplining, and more, so if you’re a fan of these kinds of sports, you’re in for a treat! Daredevils who want even more of a challenge can walk the 24-inch catwalk suspended nearly a mile above the New River on its Gorge Bridge, too. Other highlights at this resort include the Canyon Falls Swimming Pool, Kids’ Camp, and Learn to Programmes that are perfect for families. 

Customize your holiday by choosing one of two options, Action-Packed or More Relaxed, and choose a pre-paid meal plan that includes breakfast and supper at the resort. Lunch is served on the tours. 

Campervanning in Portugal

Road trips are always great, and the novelty of sleeping in a campervan will add that much more enjoyment to exploring a European country. The Portuguese Coast, from Porto to Lisbon, is a beautiful route, packed with beaches, cheap food, culture, and surf breaks. Wild camping is our recommendation here. Just swing towards the sea whenever a turn-off catches your eye!


Try some of these ideas and plan your next family vacation that will provide memories for years to come.