7 Things To Consider When Planning a Move 

 August 21, 2020

By Scott Teesdale  

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Has the thought of relocating to another state or country ever crossed your mind? Depending on the situation you are in, it might be a dream moment or an anxious one. Whether or not you are looking forward to relocating and getting started with your new job, there are vital things you need to put in place. Discussed below are seven things you should consider when planning to move.

1. Consider the Pros and Cons When Planning a Move

Like any other life decision, the first thing you ought to do weighs the pros and cons. It is recommended that you invest a lot of time into this to get the best result. Are you moving for a better job? Will you earn more money? Are you attracted to something in the new location? How far will your new residence be from your friends and family? Is it more costly to live in that location than what you are used to? Getting answers to all these questions will help you make a sound decision. Take your time and research on every detail possible to ensure you don’t miss out on anything.

2. Know Your New Home

Have you familiarized yourself with the new city or county you are relocating to? No matter how close it is to your current home, or whether you have spent some holidays there, relocating permanently to a new location has different considerations. It is recommended that you do thorough research about the city or county you are relocating to. Find out everything, including social amenities, public transport, crime rates, and the cost of living will help make your move easier. Compare that data to where you are currently living and see whether it is a good move. If you do enough research, you will know whether the cost of public transport is higher or lower, whether it is a safe location or not, and whether the cost of living is high. Getting this information will prepare you both psychologically and financially. You can use the internet or social media to source for such information.

3. Know Your Job

If you are relocating because you got transferred to your work, but you will be doing the same job, you will be in a better position. However, it is still recommended that you do research about your new work environment and who you will be working with. Find out who your superiors are and whether there are differences from your previous workplace. If you are moving to a new city or county because of a new job, you will need to do more research. Find out as much as you can from the company’s background, role, employees, and competitors. Job satisfaction is critical in giving you smooth settling in. It can be rough for you if you start your new job with poor performance because you’ll hardly enjoy your new home.

4. Salary vs. Cost of Living

If you are relocating to a different office but in the same company, this might be easy for you to know. However, if you are getting a completely new role with a new salary, you must research transport, accommodation, childcare, and other essential expenses that make up the cost of living. A salary doubles the amount of money you are getting currently in a city with double the cost of living might not be as lucrative as you think. It would be best if you also researched the tax levels in your new location.

5. How You Will Get There

It is important to consider the means of transport you will use to get to your new location. How much will it cost to move your belongings? How much time will you need to make a move and settle in? Will, your company, pays for the relocation? It is essential to know how much you will spend on the entire relocation. If you are moving your stuff, find a dependable moving company to do it for you. If you are permanently relocating, move with everything you have, if possible. Of course, you can get rid of the things you won’t use in your home to cut on moving costs. Ensure that you have everything in order before the actual moving date.

6. Learn About the Admin

It is important to learn how to set yourself up as an employee at your new workplace. Find out about work visas, related registrations, and other associated systems. This will help you settle as a new employee faster and smoothly.

7. Consider Your Family when Planning a Move

If you are planning a move and expecting to bring your family, you must think about the implications it will bring to them. Are they willing to move? What school will your children attend? Finding answers to these questions is very important. After you have found an answer to all the above questions, it will be time for you to hire a reputable moving company like MyBekins and begin the new chapter of your life.

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