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Proper planning when the weather is unpredictable

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Image by marcisim for Pixabay

Time out with family and friends is one of the most important aspects of our lives, both socially and for our general wellbeing. In my experience, trips out to the country have always created wonderful memories. From fishing trips with my son, through to picnics with the whole family, the great outdoors allows us the space to feel free and have fun together.

In the UK the weather can be changeable though, so it is a little trickier to plan for these trips out and we need to look at the places to travel to along with the attire/clothing and things to do all at the same time. I have been caught out with clothing previously on a bike riding trip in Spain one year, where we had automatically assumed the weather would be fine of course. Southern Spain in the Summer is about as consistent as it gets from a weather perspective, so my family and I dressed accordingly with t-shirts and shorts. In this case the weather turned blustery and it began to rain quite heavily with big dark clouds closing in, so although as an adult it was uncomfortable, my real concern was that of my young family as I watched my children shiver and essentially become soaked to the skin with no real way out of the situation.  I tried to make light of the situation as best I could, but internally realised that I had been caught out and should have been more prepared.

It isn’t just the travel clothing to suit the environment though, it is also clothing that fits the area and occasion as looking good and dressing appropriately leads to a feeling of comfort and wellbeing.  I recently travelled to the borders of Scotland with my family and we had an amazing time camping near a loch which bought both serenity, kinship and a sense of history to bear.  We delighted in dressing up for the local establishments in our tweed jackets and caps and also as it was destined to rain, we armed ourselves with traditional Rydale Wax Jackets to keep warm and dry.  This time avoiding being caught out by the weather, it turned out to be a fantastic trip.

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Photo by Victoria Borodinova from Pexels

In hindsight, planning what we wore properly was the best thing we could have done as, although the scenery was and is among the most beautiful I have experienced, my family and I remaining comfortable and warm as we walked through the greenery and witnessed the lakes made the trip so much more enjoyable and unforgettable. The pictures look great too as our outfits seemed to compliment the backdrop of stunning scenery and there is a photo taken, which remains to this day pride of place within a frame in a family home.

The best thing was at the end of the day, our clothing looked great when we visited a traditional Scottish village pub and restaurant near the Loch.  We really felt that we looked the part and although we weren’t matching (maybe matching country clothing would have looked over the top anyway!)  there was a feel of old British tradition with our tweed caps and wax jackets that made us feel somehow special.

Walking on that day with my family, posing for photos in our British country attire and just enjoying the whole experience is one that I won’t forget. I can also heartily recommend the Scottish lochs for breath-taking views and scenery.  Just remember your rain coat and treat yourself to a new full outfit to get in to the vibe properly and make those memories to look back on.