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Safe Car Travel with Children in a Car

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The world is getting more and more dynamic, and parents are increasingly vigilant against their kids’ safety. The odds that parents looking to travel across state or country would leave their kids with a babysitter is at an all-time low. This article will help you get through car travel with your kids and ensure their wellbeing while keeping them excited throughout the journey.

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Car travel means spending several hours on the road. It’s normal for parents to have questions as to how kids would fare on that kind of journey. You want to make sure they are safe and feel safe, as well as enjoy the adventure and remain in high spirits. This is especially harder when it’s a single parent driving alone with children. Days before the trip, you find yourself looking out for a booster car seat review and other safety tips. It’s crucial to note that a lightweight travel car seat for a toddler is vital amidst other car travel accessories. Below are some things you need to look out for in getting the best toddler car seat for your upcoming trip.

Car-Seat Friendly Ride

When embarking on a journey with your kids, it’s important to consider if your car is suitable for this. As was earlier mentioned, a toddler car seat is a much-needed accessory in traveling with little ones. So, the answer to the question, “How to travel with a toddler car seat?” is making sure you have a car seat friendly ride. If you don’t, you must search for one beforehand. Imagine you have figured out all of the car travel accessories and found out the car seat didn’t fit. Not great, right? That’s exactly why you need to inspect your car and assess whether it is suitable for travel with kids. And according to Consumer Reports, sedans are the best fit.


In getting a car seat, you should ensure that the brand you are getting is convertible. This is especially important if it’s a newborn going on the road trip with you. Kids have a very fast growth rate with a visible, and sometimes subtle, weight increase. You don’t want to use the car seat you used six months ago only to find out it doesn’t fit well anymore. Needless to say, getting a convertible one will save you the extra cost of getting a new one every few months.

Proper Tightening of the Harnesses

Car seats typically come with something called five-point harnesses. They meet at five points, and when properly tightened, the child can maintain a safe and comfortable position. It’s usual to buy products and later realize the harnesses are not strongly fastened. Always do your due diligence and check, ask the manager in the store, and be sure it’s in good shape before buying. If you have doubts about the grip, don’t even consider using it, not even for one last trip. Remember, this is about the safety of your kid(s). 

If you’ve got the precautions mentioned above on lock, you can put your mind at rest and be optimistic about the trip. So, you’ve already made the proper plans to have your toddlers settled in a car seat, is that all? Most definitely not. As was earlier discussed, car travel means being on the road for hours. The kids could get hungry, bored, and tired during that time, so you’ll need to be prepared for that too. Get them all pumped and excited about the trip; if they are toddlers, make them looking forward to it. You don’t want to be the kind of parent known for hypes and creating false expectations, and we are here to help you avoid that. Below are things that should accompany you when going on a road trip with your kid(s).

Your Sense of Humor

Children, especially toddlers, like to talk to their friends about how cool and fun their parents are; it just makes them look superior and puts them on top socially. Do not ruin that for your kids, especially not something as memorable as a road trip. So, you need to be on your A-game during the journey. Initiate fun conversations, ask them about the new transfer student at school, and ensure you match their enthusiasm level.


Kids love to play games. A trip is not the time for you to be strict or ask them to do some homework. Travel games for toddlers in the car are crucial for giving them fun experiences while on the go. You could let them play on your iPad or get them a portable video game like the Nintendo Switch Lite. Some baby travel toys for the car will also make things more interesting and exciting. That way, your kids can switch to the toys when they inevitably get bored with the screen games. 

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Inflatable Mattress

Kids, especially infants, sleep a lot, and there’s a big chance of this happening during a long road trip. Traveling in a vehicle, like a sedan, affords you some space to set up what you could call a car travel inflatable mattress. You can also get a travel pillow for a toddler car seat, helping them to sleep comfortably and maintain a safe position. Thus, kids can sleep as much as they want, reducing the chances of fatigue and lethargy when you get to your destination.

Travel Coolers

Do you want to know what else makes a road trip memorable for kids? Drinks, fruits, and snacks! You don’t want to be driving with your infant crying or your toddler whining for a drink in the back seat. Chilled beverages and fresh sodas help them maintain that enthusiasm and stay calm, enlivened, and bubbly. A travel cooler for car comes in handy for a road trip with kids. Let’s have a hypothetical child right here to put this in perspective. We’ll call her Baby Ann. Car travel with baby Ann, having enough drinks, snacks, and sitting in a comfortable position, will greatly reduce the chances of her crying and unsettling parents.

Car Travel: Prepared in Advance

Just as you would need a child car seat travel bag when traveling with your kids by plane, you should pay the utmost importance on getting toddler car seats fit and secure for your kids during an adventure. We also recommend providing an engaging and memorable experience for children because they are smart enough to protest subsequent road trips if they didn’t enjoy the previous one. Remember the famous quote by August Strindberg, “No matter how far we travel, the memories will follow in the baggage car.” Are there other tips you think should be added? Let us know in the comment section below.

Author’s bio: Jimmy Mays is a writer and an engineering graduate who frequently travels between states to deliver lectures in camps and workshops. He is a father of three kids and a part-time public school teacher in Oregon. Jimmy has spent a lot of time on the road, and his favorite hobbies are singing and writing.