Should I hire an HVAC person to look at AC for my home inspection? 

 June 15, 2020

By Scott Teesdale  

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The answer is yes, if you’ve had your unit for many years you should hire an HVAC person to inspect it. Simply put, all mechanical systems need maintenance to remain efficient, and an HVAC system is no different. Scheduling regular HVAC maintenance is practical, preventative, prudent, and as a result, will give you peace of mind.

Regular HVAC Maintenance
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Without a doubt, scheduling a maintenance visit to have your HVAC system inspected and cleaned at least once a year is a choice made in practicality. If you have a packaged heat pump system or a heat pump/air handler split system, it’s better to have them inspected and cleaned biannually. These units manage your cooling and heating by way of reverse Carnot cycle, which allows them to function as both a heater and a cooler with little or no help from other components. Working all year round to keep household temperatures bearable, especially in extreme climates, can cause mechanical parts to wear out and break faster. Your local HVAC technician can check for the most common wear problems and replace parts before a problem happens.


Some of the most common problems with today’s HVAC systems occur because of neglect. The tell-tale signs were there, but no one caught them in time. As homeowners with full-time jobs and plenty of family responsibilities, it’s easy to overlook something that isn’t screaming at us for attention. Scheduled maintenance visits allow us to relax a little more with the confidence that someone competent is looking out for us by keeping us “cool” even when life gets a little hot. Its also a great time to change your filter to ensure the air quality in your home.


Routine maintenance on your HVAC system is not only good for your unit(s), but it’s required by your unit’s manufacturer as part of the service warranty agreement. The likelihood of someone tattling on you to the manufacturer is less than the probability of frogs falling from the sky during a thunderstorm. However, should you need that warrantee for replacement and try to file a claim, you will need to be prepared to show tangible proof that you held up your end of the contract and kept the HVAC system in excellent working order. Performance checks, refrigerant charging, electrical and mechanical repairs, component upgrades, and parts cleaning are all signs of a well-maintained HVAC system. Those work order actions and any questions or concerns brought up by you and addressed by phone or chat with your repair company, are documented in your customer account file and can be used in a court of law.


HVAC Maintenance
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Empirically speaking, we can’t control every aspect of events occurring in our lives at all times. Things are going to happen with or without our consent. When an opportunity arises to be secure in a plan, don’t overlook it. Your HVAC system will remain in good standing with regularly scheduled maintenance and just a few DIY practices such as:

  • Changing your air and register filters every three months.
  • Making sure a two-foot area surrounding your outdoor unit is plant and pest-free.
  • Replacing the batteries in the thermostat once a year before summer or winter begins.

Perhaps the most important reason to schedule HVAC maintenance is peace of mind in knowing that after having considered what could go wrong, that this is the one thing that won’t.

Hire an HVAC inspector

If your unit is old or showing lots of wear and tear, then hiring an HVAC inspector may be a good way to ensure the unit is still working properly and will do so for the long term. The fee to hire this inspection could be worth it if you present the buyer with the inspection report showing the HVAC unit is still up to date.

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