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Tips for new drivers

Tips for new drivers
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First cars. Memories you’ll never forget. Your license to drive is your ticket to freedom. Passing your driving test and becoming a bona fide road user is like that first time you were given enough birthday money to buy something more substantial than a chocolate bar. The options seem endless. The open road beckons and you want to get out there and see everything you can within reason (you need to be home for the evening because you’ll be hungry, so, mini road trips no more than about three or four hours away are what we’re after here). All-day, out on the roads, as a new driver, That’s a long time to be out. That’s a disconcerting thought when you put it like that. Problems are going to arise. That’s why we’ve put together a couple of top tips for new drivers, to ensure that whatever happens, you can cope.

Of course, new drivers are just as susceptible to road accidents caused by other road users. In this case, there is no preparation you need beyond knowing what to do – you may need a distracted driving lawyer

Practice during off-peak hours

Don’t worry; we’re not going to kick things off with a long list of things to keep in your car in case you end up crashed in a ditch and need to survive for three days on bottled water, protein bars, and blankets. However, something that no one else can bring to the party for you is the experience—practice night driving, for example. Go out alone when the roads are quiet and get used to your area in the dark. Practice all kinds of roads, too, fast and slow – this will build confidence. 

10 must-do safety practices for new drivers

  1. Obey all traffic rules. There’s a reason the driving exam includes both a road test and a written one. …
  2. Slow down! …
  3. Keep your car in good running shape. …
  4. Wear your seat belt. …
  5. Avoid distractions. …
  6. Adjust your accessories. …
  7. Don’t tailgate. …
  8. Be prepared.
  9. Watch the weather
  10. Don’t drive under the influence

Learn your routes ahead of time

A common mistake is to rely on GPS systems. There’s nothing wrong with a GPS, but as any driver will tell you, there is a world of difference between looking at a small screen with lots of colored lines on it and looking ahead of you at the original road layout. Driving isn’t a video game. What you see when you look up has height and depth and obstacles. The GPS shows none of these things. To prevent scary situations of having to make fast decisions on the spot, look at maps ahead of time, get a feel for what’s going to happen in terms of when to change lanes and make turns, and enjoy your drive. 

Staying safe on the road is the best Tips for new drivers, it helps keeps us all safe and brings our loved ones home safely – both our ability to predict what other drivers will do and their ability to predict what we are going to do is what makes driving relatively safe. For predictability to make driving safe, you need to make sure you follow the rules and never do anything unexpected or sudden. Stay safe on the roads.