Keeping Track

Getting yourself organized is only half the battle…keeping track of and maintaining your level of organization is just as important. Like with many things, the setup and the beginning are the most difficult. Once you have the organization in place, keeping track and maintaining becomes easier.

The following forms will help you to keep track. No rocket science here; just basic forms in one place that you can print out to give you a hand in maintaining your organization–and saving time.



A list of who to call

When the need arises for a plumber or electrician,do you know where to find the name and number?

A to-do list

A list to organize your priorities and keep track of what has (and has not) been done.

A shopping list

Forget the back of an envelope–organize your shopping before you leave.

A list of important home information

Keeping track of mortgage companies and loan numbers, insurance agents and policy numbers and more.


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