Trending Window Treatment Styles to Consider this Year 

 May 16, 2019

By Scott Teesdale  

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If you’re a new homeowner working on designing and decorating your property, you realize how many different elements there are to consider. You start with a color palette choice then plan out large furniture options, add in accessories, select wow-factor fittings and fixtures, and more.

One factor many people don’t spend enough time considering, though, is the window treatments they frame their home’s windows with. These can make a big difference in the way a room looks and feels.

Whether you’re planning to buy window replacements soon in Detroit, Las Vegas, New York City, Phoenix, or elsewhere, or are wanting to dress up older windows, it helps to stay on top of the latest trends. There are numerous trending window-treatment styles you can use for inspiration.

Tech-driven coverings

With technology shaking up most industries around the globe, window coverings are also getting the tech tune-up. As an example, increasing numbers of smart blinds with motors are coming out. Hubs connected to tablets and smartphones control these. The blinds enable homeowners to open or shut their window treatments from anywhere in the world.

Window coverings that integrate with other smart-home appliances are also on the rise. These shades can speak with gadgets such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Nest. Some of the clever window treatments open and close coverings upon hearing voice commands and some can also be set up to open or close as soon as pre-determined temperatures have been reached.

Great pops of color

After years of focusing on minimal, pared-back colors in homes, like white, black, and French grays, interior design is now bringing great pops of color back. This is being seen throughout properties and extends to window treatments. In particular, trend-wise there has been a boom in the use of blue and ocean shades.

People are opting for window coverings (and other furnishings and fixtures) in shades such as teal, navy, aquamarine, and soft green. There has also been a comeback in soft, sweet tones like blush pink and soft lavender, and an increase in the use of jeweled colors like gold, bright orange, persimmon, and garnet.

Another focus is that of contrasting color-block curtains. Often, designers juxtapose a bold hue with something more neutral and warmer. This provides a quirky layered look that adds interest to a space. If you’re not sure about introducing significant color to your rooms, or window treatments, in particular, work around this by buying coverings in sheer fabrics. This way, whichever colorful shade you choose will be less saturated, yet still on trend.

The natural look

The natural look is also big right now. As people search for ways to give their home a rustic, earthy, homey feel, they’re opting for natural textures and looks. An example of this is the growing number of plantation shutters ordered in timber shades or the more modern Venetian blinds made from real wood.

More homebuyers are selecting window coverings done in earthy-looking hues, too. Some of the most popular choices are olive greens, brown, taupe, and earthen-style grays.

Interesting details and fabrics


If you’ve grown a bit sick of minimalism after all these years, you’ll be pleased to note that the interior design world is more focused, now, on interesting furnishing details and the use of plush, luxurious fabrics.

This is being seen in drapery as people add embellishments. For example, there are more intricate details like cording, ribbons, beading, ruffles, and lace, and the addition of sparkling sewn-on crystals, beaded tassels, and other elaborate choices for both hardware and trimmings. When it comes to luxurious fabrics, there is a growing trend for heavier and soft-to-touch fabric choices, too. Some of the most popular are suede, velvet, silk, damask, and leather.

Bold, look-at-me prints

Print is also making its way into more homes and onto window treatments. Consumers are opting for curtains, roller blinds, shades, and other coverings decorated with bold, look-at-me prints that command attention when you walk into a room, rather than blending in.

Some of the most popular patterns choices in recent times have been strong stripes, fun zig-zags, and classic geometric prints, as well as plant-themed patterns, pretty florals, tropical designs, and creations based on artworks.

Window treatments used to take a bit of a back seat in home décor in years gone by, but today this has changed. Now, walk into newly-designed homes and you’re sure to see window treatments that finish off a room and beg to be seen and touched. Join in on the trend by testing out one or more of the options listed above.

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