Successful Family Vacations

The time for relaxation, bonding, enjoyment. The family vacation. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always seem to work that way. Spend any time at a vacation destination and watch many of the families–stern faces, public arguments, crying children. This is supposed to be fun, right? Did we forget to have fun and enjoy ourselves?

Making the Most of Your Vacation Time

Plan in advance.
 You’ll save money and are more likely to get what you want. In some popular destinations, bookings are full a year in advance. You’ll often save money on airfare, hotels, tours, etc. if you book in advance. For sources of discount air fares, hotels, car rentals and more, visit TripClicks.

Don’t expect too much. A successful family vacation might be wonderful and will hold many great memories, but it probably is not going to change your lives. Del with your stress before the vacation or you run the very real risk of bringing it with you as an uninvited guest.

Get on “Vacation Time” as quickly as possible. And savor it as long as possible. For many families, it takes a full 2 days to “wind down” and they start “gearing up” for their return 2 days before leaving–meaning that a 7 day vacation only provides 3 days of real relaxation.

Leave work at home. Vacation. Vacate. LEAVE! Unless communication with the office or job is an absolute necessity, cut off all lines of communication. Let them phone you once and they will probably phone you all week. Forget about email and voice mail. Yes, you may have to spend a few hours wading through it when you return, but it won’t drive a spike into your vacation.

Vary your routine. A vacation is not only time away from work, it is also an opportunity for time away from your routine. Don’t simply transplant your daily routine to a new location. Try something different.

Value your time together. In many cases, the entire family will be ensconced in a small motel room–leaving no space for retreat. Value the situation rather than fighting it. Play a game, have a family discussion, order a pizza and eat it together in the room. Take advantage of the time together rather than stressing about it.

RELAX. Don’t assume that you need to see everything, do everything and experience everything in one week. That’s the attitude that brings you home saying “we’re exhausted! We need a vacation from the vacation!”

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