What is the Most Common Household Plumbing Problem? 

 September 9, 2019

By Scott Teesdale  

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Are you tired of household plumbing problem like dripping faucets, leaky pipes, and clogged drains? Or, are you still not very sure of what plumbing issue you are facing?

Let’s face it; we all have always run away from regular plumbing maintenance! After all, escaping the problem is the first thing that comes to our minds.

We find it too time-consuming to do it ourselves or hire professionals, unless… the small issue becomes a huge nuisance. Who knew, a gradual wall leakage could damage an entire wall? Or, a clogged drain in the bathroom could bring a flood in your house?

No matter how well your house’s plumbing system was installed in the first place, plumbing issues always bring about extreme exasperation. So, let’s discuss the most common household plumbing issues below:

1- Clogged Drains that Flood your House

Clogged Drains
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You must have noticed that an ‘about to be clogged’ drain would always give you a signal. The truth is that we often close our eyes to those Household Plumbing Problems that we just don’t want to address. Water starts to drain down slowly due to the clogs of soap, hair, and dirt. Yes, it is as nasty as it sounds! The sinks begin to look dirty and, you often have to wait for long to let the water drain out completely, to start with, something.

However, the issue could be resolved by adding an amount of vinegar or baking soda to clear out SOME of the cloggings. Other than this, the blockage could be cleared by a plunger or a snake. If it’s still not clear, then there is a higher chance of something huge being stuck. This could be anything; most common obstructions are plants!

2- Running Toilets

Ever heard a constant sound of water running down and you couldn’t guess where it was coming from? Well, it certainly was from the washroom, specifically, the toilet.

With about a loss of 200 gallons of water every day, running toilets could be hard in our pockets. The entire issue is being created by a faulty flapper valve. If it’s out of order or loses its position, the water in the tank is not kept in control and keeps on flowing. It could also be due to sediments that affect the flushing and filling process.

It is suggested that you hire a professional or buy a toilet repair kit readily available at any nearby hardware store. When you hire a professional to get the work done, you save yourself from making the problem even worse.

3- Dripping Faucets that Waste Water the Most

After returning home from work, you just long to find solace. Sometimes, life offers you unwanted plumbing surprises such as dripping faucets. The annoying sound of dripping water can drive you nuts and not let most have a peaceful sleep at night. Not only it is an irritating issue, but it could also cost you a lot! According to Dengarden, the water that drips away from a faucet can be approximately hundreds of gallons in just a year!

So, what is the cause of this household plumbing problem?

The issue lies within the internet washer that has been worn out, torn, or dislodged over time. Every householder could quickly solve the problem; however, the requirement of a proper tool kit is a necessity!

4- Annoying Low Pressure in Taps:

It’s so annoying when you make your way to the bathroom, and you experience low pressure in tapes. Plenty of times, valves and taps become dysfunctional and provides moderate pressure of water rather than proper gushes. The issue is common in old places, or in households where the residential plumbing system is not maintained. The issue is a result of leakage, or blockage in pipes that are corroded, worn out, or broken. Other than this, it is also caused by sedimentation and mineral deposits on aerators.

To resolve problems associated with aerators, vinegar is mostly used. The showerhead or tap is unlocked and placed in vinegar for a while to dissolve sediments. If the issue doesn’t get resolved, then the only solution is to replace the hardware which could be easily bought from any hardware retail store.

5- Ill Odor Due to Sewer Clogging

Have you ever vomited with the unhealthy, disgusting, and foul odor of human waste that comes out of a sewerage system? Sewerage system clogging could be an extreme nightmare. The issue could be at your very home or your toilet. Or, unluckily the local ones, that take quite some time to be resolved.

These blockages are caused by irregular cleaning of the sewerage systems. They move the mass flow of human waste and could cause blockages if not cleaned.

The only solution is to call a plumber to fix the issue at your home. Don’t try to do it yourself as you never know; you may make the problem worse than ever!

6- Unwanted Chilling Water

Winter troubles! What could possibly be worse than taking a cold-water bath on an extremely chilling day? It’s next to freezing yourself to death. The problem definitely lies within your water heater. It certainly should be a lifetime investment and not be dysfunctional right after a few days. There are several reasons due to which you have to survive without warm, soothing baths. These are the following:

  • Simplest one, the pilot’s light has gone out. Silly, but just relight it.
  • The buildup of sediments in your tank. This could interrupt the water heating system.
  • Thermostat being at fault. You might have to buy an entirely new water heating system or just call a professional!
  • Gas supply, when low, it could cause extremely slow or no water heating at all!

7- Millions of Issues Caused Only by Pipes

Plunging pipes could be a nightmare if complications are not inspected and eradicated. Leaking pipes, bursting pipes, blocked pipes, and what not! There are just so many complications associated with pipe systems.

These failures are caused mainly due to; the difference in sizes of the pipes, rusted copper pipes, attachment and arrangement of pipes.

Winters can also be havoc when they cause piping systems to burst. Leaks in winters can cause the water to freeze, expand and burst pipes. Hence, it is essential to take caution beforehand!

8- Damaged Roofing and Gutter System

Gutter System
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This is one of the most problematic issues that could arise during rainfall season. If your roofing is not built correctly, it will entirely fall off during a heavy monsoon season. For gutters, you should be extremely careful! Your house should be flooded in no time if your guttering system is not well built.

To prevent this, contact your town’s best roofing services and plumbing services to construct a well-planned guttering and roofing system coordinated with the plumbing system of the house.

Final Thoughts | Household Plumbing Problem

Above are mentioned eight most common plumbing problems that are faced by every house owner, whether average or luxurious.

The idea remains the same: if you are keeping a good check on your regular house maintenance, the issue resolves itself then and there. Hopefully, these type of household plumbing problem have brought valuable knowledge to you and will be useful in the times ahead.

Don’t forget to mention your worse experience with these plumbing issues in the comment section below!

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