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Why Get Personalized Wedding Thank You Cards

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Weddings are a beautiful time that every girl dreams of. However, the day comes with many things, and you need lots of people to ensure the day is a success. Your guests also contribute to the success of the occasion. With all the celebrations going on, it is easy to get carried away after the event. Guests will come with gifts and expect to receive thank you notes after you settle. Sometimes overlooked, wedding thank you cards are essential as they show your appreciation to the person or people who helped make the day fruitful. 

There are several things people look for when it comes to wedding thank you cards. Handwritten cards are good, but you probably do not have the time to write hundreds of cards. You want to give your guests a personalized message they will appreciate. Customized cards are what you should be aiming for. A wedding theme thank you card would be perfect for giving your guests as a token and memoir. 

There are tons of reasons why you need to give your guests thank you cards. The main one is that it shows that you appreciate their presence and support for your wedding. The guests took time away from their activities and came to offer you their support. Guests also mostly come with wedding gifts of different types. All these people and more contributed to the success of your wedding. It feels lovely to be appreciated. 

Thank you cards should also be sent to the vendors and other people who offered their service to you. This includes bakers, wedding planners, musicians, and anyone else. They worked hard to make the day go smoothly and will feel appreciated for their job.

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How to make wedding thank you cards awesome

In the past, thank you cards were considered plain and simple. They never left an impression and were simply for courtesy purposes. However, nowadays, thank you cards are expected to have a personal feel. They should leave an impression and serve as a memoir for the wedding that was. Just like your wedding, you need to make your cards personalized, stylish, and straightforward.

This is how you do it.

1. Pick any color you want

No more bland colors. Now, you have the freedom to choose from a wide range of colors making your options almost unlimited. You can have each aspect of your design in a different color, and you will have more than enough colors left to choose from. This is the biggest draw when it comes to thank you cards, wedding invitations, wedding thank you cards and any other stationery you might need. You can experiment with different colors and themes until you find the one that is perfect for you. That ensures that your cards will have a splash of color that will appeal to the eyes of the receiver of the card.

2. Envelopes in 40+ different colors

You get bored with the usual boring white envelopes. How about spicing things up by sending the thank you cards in different colored envelopes? Now you can make your wedding thank you card stand out by picking one or a combination of colors to use on your envelope. Also, no more licking envelopes if you get the peel and seal kind, making them easy to open and close. The peel and seal envelopes are pure genius on their part.

3. Write the correct address 

There is nothing more insulting than having the wrong thank you card addressed to you. To solve this, you can sign up for a free address collection service. The addresses that were collected during the wedding invitation process can be used when sending the thank you cards. No more worrying about mixing your addresses or missing a few addresses. Now your wedding guests will be happy they got their responses. 

4. Want foil cards? No problem

Very few people think of foil cards. However, foil cards have a touch of sophistication that regular cards do not. You can make your thank you in rose gold, silver, and gold. You have the option to pick a flat or raised foil design. I don’t know about you, but foil thank you cards seem unique. 

Wedding Thank You cards
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What not to do when it comes to wedding thank you cards

As nice as you want to be, there are certain things you should not do if you are writing thank you cards. You should not generalize everyone. Unless the gift came with a card putting a group of people together, you need to address each person separately. It shows that you liked their gift.


Wedding planning is stressful enough as it is. However, after a successful event, you need to take some time and thank those who contributed to the memorable occasion. A wedding is a time for celebration. As such, you need to show your gratitude to those who celebrate with you. The best thing you can do is send thank you cards that have a wedding picture on them. It will remind the guests what they helped accomplish and make them more grateful for your personalized message.

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